How To Put Artwork On Your Steam Profile

If you are an artist and an avid video gaming fan, chances are that you may have yourself thinking about uploading artwork on your Steam profile. If this sounds like you, keep on reading to find out how to upload artwork on your Steam profile.

On most Community Hubs you can find an Artwork tab where you can post or discover all kinds of artwork associated with your favorite Steam games. The uploading process is simple providing you follow all the necessary guidelines.

Uploading Artwork

The majority of Steam Community Hubs provide a workshop for artist steamers. You may submit or discover numerous types of artwork from the artwork tab. As a result, you should publish Artwork associated with your favorite Steam games in the Steam workshop.

Follow the steps given below to upload your artwork:

  1. Launch Steam.
  2. Navigate to the Artwork tab of the relevant Community Hub.
  3. Look for the Upload Artwork button located in the upper right corner.
  4. Choose the piece of artwork to upload to Steam.
  5. Ensure that the post is selected before pressing the Upload Artwork button.

Acceptable Artwork

It is critical to understand the fundamentals of generating appropriate Steam artwork here.

  • The artwork must be original
  • Avoid sharing another artist’s work.
  • The artwork must be relevant to the associated game.
  • Do not permit the uploading of improper artwork.
  • Avoid offensive content.
  • Avoid racism.
  • Avoid sexism.
  • Avoid sexually explicit material and nudity
  • Avoid gore and graphic content.
  • Avoid posting anything with copyright.
  • Avoid using stolen materials.

Incompatible Artwork

Assume that artwork was formerly marked as improper work on Steam Workshop. That suggests a Steam Support member discovered anything unrelated to the hub or incompatible to some extent. It will no longer be displayed on a hub. However, your profile will remain visible to you and your friends.

Banned Artwork

If your artwork has been banned, it indicates that a member of Steam Support discovered it to violate the Steam Terms of Service. It will no longer be shown on the hub and will only be visible to you from your profile. When irrelevant, offensive, or unsocial behavior is reported, it is classified as unsocial behavior or criminal conduct and is subject to a ban. 

Reporting Artwork

Even if you are not the artist, you may come across work that violates the Steam rules and regulations. To report such art:

  1. Click on the artwork in the hub to launch a pop-up window, then pick “Report” from the choices drop-down menu (the gear icon on the right.)
  2. Click the “Flag” symbol in the bar just beneath the image on the artwork’s detail page.

The Takeaway

Although the guidelines may make the process of uploading artwork seem overwhelming, it is necessary to try to upload your artwork on Steam. Doing so over and over will improve your understanding of how to post artwork to Steam. Before you know it, the process will become second nature as you get acquainted with the standards of Steam.

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