Can You Find Our Solar System In No Man’s Sky?

Hello Games’ effort on No Man’s Sky as a whole is what makes the quintillions of planets worthwhile. No Man’s Sky has an infinite number of different worlds for players to explore, which is precisely what fans hoped for when the game initially came out. 

Unfortunately, the solar system is not in the game. Note that there are no gas giants in the game. Hence, there is no solar system in a true sense.

That said, because the maps are procedurally produced and include an unfathomable number of star systems, it’s not unreasonable to believe that some systems resemble our Solar System to varying degrees. 

Planetary Diversity

The survival game’s cosmos is continually expanding, with updates occasionally adding billions more planets, which serves as a nice reminder that No Man’s Sky gamers will never be able to completely map the game’s universe. 

It’s likely the greatest simulation of outer space available, if only for its realism to the vast expanse of outer space. With so many worlds to explore in No Man’s Sky, there’s always another adventure around the corner. When you settle on one of the 18 quintillion planets, you will meet a vast array of life.

The game’s primary architect has mentioned the Drake Equation as a method of calculating the number of extraterrestrial civilizations in the cosmos. This equation served as the impetus for the technique utilized in No Man’s Sky to map life throughout all of its worlds.


The game developers made the forms of life on these worlds by taking into account the planets’ distance from the sun, mass, and even closeness to other planets.

Each planet and its topology are distinct. Some will be barren, yet they may still be rich in resources. Others, on the other hand, will be densely populated with animals and plants. The norm is that planets closer to the sun are more barren, whereas planets farther away are colder. Anything in between is more likely to be full of life.

Remember that each will have its own climate, weather system, and day/night cycle. You can fly down to the planet’s night side and find a place in darkness, which may indicate that various species and vegetation are awake.


Because planets are large and you can only ping your ship when it is close to you, you may become stranded on one. You see folks who are about to lose their spacecraft, and there’s a button where you can scan and it’ll show you a small icon where your ship is right now.

People will have to think about their space, and orientation in order to find their way around. It’ll make them think about the game differently and not just play the game mindlessly. 

The Crux

Scientists have discovered over 2,000 real-life planets orbiting stars other than our own. With the discovery of new exoplanets every few months, the diversity of No Man’s Sky no longer seems so far-fetched. Perhaps, you may even stumble upon something similar to our solar system.

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