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Can Toasters Blow Up?

Can Toasters Blow Up?

There is nothing more pleasing than a freshly toasted muffin! Toaster ovens are convenient to use in your everyday life. While it is pretty obvious not to touch or insert anything inside when the toaster is running or make it wet, there is one question that gets immense popularity.

Can toaster ovens explode? Here is what we discovered. No, toaster ovens cannot blow up if they are mishandled. They would not explode even if they were on fire. However, a blowup needs fuel to act and some path to ignite under pressure. Therefore, toasters have no enclosures for trapping flames because they run on electricity. This means that a toaster oven can’t blow up, even in the worst scenarios. 

After learning the answer given above, let us read on for a few more questions that might arise in your minds.

Can A Toaster Catch Fire?

Since a toaster is a heating appliance, it could catch on fire. The oven can get food particles stuck inside it while heating, so a toaster is more likely to catch fire if misused. For example, if you insert something larger in size than the size of the heating slots of the toaster, it may get on fire. 

Another chance of the toaster getting on fire is leaving it on for hours. When you leave the toaster on even after using it, it may overheat, causing the remaining food particles inside it to dry out, blacken and then eventually burn. However, spontaneous combustion would not happen with a toaster. 

Watch this video of a toaster catching fire:

Can Toasters Explode?

As long as you use your toaster with care, it is implausible to cause an explosion. Unlike the toaster, a toaster oven toasts food behind a glass door, so if something catches fire in the kitchen while the toaster oven is running, it is recommended to turn your oven off and open the door to prevent any pressure buildup inside it. 

What Causes A Toaster Oven To Blow Up?

Toaster ovens do not blow up randomly. There has to be some path inside it for the fuel to ignite the fire, but it gets trapped, causing pressure to make its way out. Speaking hypothetically, if a toaster oven catches fire but gets covered to extinguish the flames, this would cause the pressure to get trapped inside, resulting in a small explosion. This is a very rare scenario, so you do not have to worry about toasting a slice of bread, or a pop tart can cause any booms and sparks in your toaster. 

Can A Toaster Be Left Plugged In?

It is never safe to leave any electrical appliances plugged in for an extended period. As far as a toaster oven is concerned, do not leave it plugged in as well. This is because sometimes the timer on the toaster malfunctions, causing the toaster to continue heating even if it is empty. A stuck toaster is a potential fire hazard. Therefore, always unplug your appliance when not in use. 

The Final Toast

We dived into the toaster world and came back even wiser, learning about quite a lot of things you did not know. Using your toaster ovens with proper care and instructions will erase the majority of the chances of the oven catching fire or exploding. All you need is to toast your favorite bread while being safe when working in the kitchen.