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Is Ubisoft Connect On PS4?

Is Ubisoft Connect On PS4?

A digital distribution, multiplayer, and social networking platform created by Ubisoft is called Ubisoft Connect. Players may access extra content for various Ubisoft games, connect with friends, win awards, and monitor their progress. However, some concerns have been raised about Ubisoft connecting accessibility on the Playstation 4 (PS4)system.

On the PS4 gaming system, Ubisoft Connect is not a separate program. On the PS4, Ubisoft games do, however, incorporate some Ubisoft Connect features, including cross-platform progression, challenges and awards, and constrained social interaction.

We shall investigate whether Ubisoft Connect is accessible on the PS4 system in this article.

What Is Ubisoft Connect?

Let’s first clarify what Ubisoft Connect is all about before getting into its specifics on the PS4. As a substitute for this earlier uplay and Ubisoft Club services, Ubisoft introduced a platform called Ubisoft Connect. It is the focal point for Ubisoft games across many platforms, delivering a consistent experience on various devices.

Features Of Ubisoft Connect 

Numerous services that Ubisoft Connect Offers let users have a better gaming experience. These quantities consist of:

Cross-Play And Cross-Progression 

Features like cross-play and cross-progression let you play with your pals and access your stuff on different platforms. Regardless of the platform being utilized, cross-play is a feature that enables you to connect online and play with your pals. The majority of Ubisoft’s multiplayer-capable titles are designed to accommodate this capability.

Cross-progression enables you to play the game on one platform and continue your progression on another. It implies that you can continue where you left off if you start playing on the PS4 and move to another platform, like the PC or Xbox.

Please be aware that a Ubisoft account is necessary for both features. Additionally, your Ubisoft account must be connected to the history of the other platform you want to play on for cross-progression. Cross-play and cross-progression are available in varying degrees across many games and media.

You do not need to establish a new account or Ubisoft Connect if you already have a Ubisoft account. On any platform, you can access Ubisoft Connect using your current account. Additionally, you may connect any first-party account (PSN, Xbox, Switch, etc.) to your Ubisoft account to share progress across both services and access Ubisoft Connect content on any device.

Challenges And Rewards

Ubisoft Connect rewards are exclusive stuff for your games, like consumables, costumes, and weapon skins. Moreover, only at Ubisoft will you find that great stuff, as it is unique to the platform. You can acquire rewards by visiting Ubisoft Connect or your games; some are free, while others require you to exchange them for Units. These prices are accessible and usable on various platforms.

Certain Rewards are only accessible to players under specific circumstances. These requirements are frequently linked to purchasing another Ubisoft game or participating in an Alpha or Beta. A lock icon and a condition description are displayed if you do not meet the requirements.

You should be able to obtain it if you meet the requirements. Contact Ubisoft’s customer support team if you need assistance; they will do their best. Additionally, you can use your Units to get a Ubisoft Connect reward in any game you like.

Additionally, as long as you link your accounts, if you redeem a Ubisoft Connect reward for a particular game, you can access it on any platform where you own it. For instance, to access your rewards on consoles, if you play ‘The Division 2’ on both PC and consoles, you must link your console accounts to your Ubisoft Account.

Watch this short video to learn how to link your Ubisoft account to your Playstation:

How To Link Ubisoft Account To Playstation PS4 / PS5

Social Interaction

The system has a social networking component where users may interact with one another, join groups, and share their accomplishments. It encourages cooperation and communication among players and develops a sense of community.

Ubisoft Connect On PS4

Let’s get to the significant point now: Does Ubisoft Connect work on the PS4? The answer is a little complicated. It is because, on the PS4 gaming system, Ubisoft Connect is not offered as a standalone application in its whole form. 

Users of the PS4 need direct access to the full range of functions provided by Ubisoft Connect in contrast to platforms like the PC and Xbox, which have dedicated Ubisoft Connect applications.

It is crucial to remember that Ubisoft has included some Ubisoft Connect features in some of its PS4 games. It implies that even though the PS4 may not come with a standalone Ubisoft Connect application, you can still take advantage of some of its capabilities in Ubisoft titles on the system.

Cross-Platform Profession On PS4

Cross-platform progression, which enables players to carry over their game experience across other devices, is one of the main aspects of Ubisoft Connect. Even though the PS4 lacks a distinct Ubisoft Connect program, some of Ubisoft’s PS4 games include cross-platform progression.

For instance, if you begin playing a game like ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ on a PS4 console and later decide to move on to a PS5 or PC, you may transfer your progress and pick up where you left off. There is no need for a separate Ubisoft Connect program for the PS4 because this capability can be enabled through Ubisoft’s servers.

Challenges And Rewards On PS4

Challenges and incentives are another aspect of Ubisoft Connect included in games. Users of the PS4 can still take part in challenges and win rewards for Ubisoft titles on the system despite needing access to the complete Ubisoft Connect application.

For instance, you can take part in challenges established by Ubisoft and receive exclusive in-game goodies if you are playing ‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’ on the PS4. Without a different Ubisoft Connect application, these incentives may be accessed and used directly within the game.

Social Interaction On PS4

The PS4 does not natively support Ubisoft’s social networking features, which let users interact with friends and communities. In Ubisoft titles offering such functionality, PS4 gamers can still chat with friends and join communities.

Players can establish squads, communicate with friends, and participate in cooperative gameplay in games like ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’ or ‘Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’. Although these connections are restricted to particular titles, they offer social interaction inside the Ubisoft gaming community on the PS4.


The PS4 does not support Ubisoft Connect as a standalone program/. Ubisoft games do, however, incorporate some Ubisoft Connect features, including cross-platform progression, challenges and awards, and constrained social interaction.

Users of the PS4 can still benefit from cross-platform progression, take on challenges, and receive rewards within Ubisoft games on the system, even though they might need access to all of the services provided by Ubisoft Connect. It is essential to remember that depending on the exact game and how it integrates with Ubisoft Connect, some functions may not always be accessible.

Ubisoft will likely release an upgraded version of Ubisoft Connect for the PS4 or its successor systems as the gaming industry develops. Players on the PS4 can take advantage of the features in Ubisoft titles up until that time and enjoy their gameplay within the Ubisoft ecosystem on the system.