Is It Safe to Buy Games On Ubisoft Connect?

Digital distribution networks have become the main way to buy and acquire video games in the contemporary gaming age. One such Ubisoft site is Ubisoft Connect, which offers a huge selection of games for buying. Given the prevalence of internet scams, the safety element of purchasing games through Ubisoft Connect must be carefully considered.

The games you purchase on Ubisoft Connect are secure. The platform uses secure payment processing and robust account security features to safeguard client data and provide a secure environment for game-buying decisions. A secure gaming experience also benefits from user ratings, comments, and customer service.

The safety measures for purchasing games on the system will be discussed in detail in this article, along with an examination of the security precautions put in place by Ubisoft Connect.

Increasing Account Security For Ubisoft

Your Ubisoft account security is continually monitored and improved by the team. It is advised that you take the following actions to keep your account secure:

  • Keep login information private – Your login information for Ubisoft should never be shared. 
  • Turn on 2-Step Verification – By turning on 2-step verification, you can monitor any attempts to access your account. You would get an email alerting you to suspicious attempts if the code couldn’t be verified. 
  • Account login history – Ubisoft advises that you review your account’s login history to look for any strange activities. It is verifiable on the Ubisoft Account Management website’s ‘Security’ page.
  • Avoid using common passwords – To ensure the security of your password, stay away from popular passwords. Some common examples include p4ssw0rd, 123456, Pass123, or any that include a portion of your username. Passwords should be at least eight characters long and combine capital letters, lowercase letters, and numerals.
  • Updating Passwords – The Ubisoft team advises routine updates to secure your account.
  • Email address security – Regularly check the email address associated with your Ubisoft account to check for any strange activity. 

2-Step Verification Method

Your Ubisoft account has a security mechanism called 2-step verification that is optional. Once configured, a special code must be entered every time you log in to your account or a Ubisoft Connect PC on an untrusted device.

You will receive this automated code through SMS, email, or mobile app. Please refer to the platform’s troubleshooting instructions if you experience problems producing incorrect codes. 

You can switch your 2-step verification method anytime, move the functionality to a different device, or turn it off. You will get an email warning you about possible shady activity on your account if someone tries to access it without validating the code. 

Please be aware that even if you have forgotten your verification method or restoration codes, you can still regain access to your Ubisoft account.

Check out this short video to learn more about Ubisoft:

How To Locate A Game In Ubisoft Connect On PC Tutorial

Ubisoft Store: Payment Method

Currently, the Ubisoft Store accepts:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards and ATM cards
  • Payments through Paypal account

You can rest assured that your payment information is secure and protected because all entered data is encrypted.

Steps To Access Digital Purchases From Ubisoft Store (PC)

To use your PC’s digital purchase:

  • First, launch the Ubisoft Connect PC
  • Sign in with the Ubisoft account that you used to buy the game
  • Click on the ‘Games’ tab
  • Browse the list of games and locate your buy
  • Choose ‘Download’
  • After the download, click ‘Play’ to launch the game

Unlockable content (ULC) and downloadable material (DLC) will automatically become accessible in-game. On Ubisoft Connect PC, this content may be found under Owned DLC.

Permanent Ban On Ubisoft Account

Ubisoft accounts that have been connected with behavior that breaches the ‘Terms of Use,’ and that has been attributed to illegal activity such as account phishing, selling, sharing, or fraud are subject to disciplinary action with the possibility of a permanent ban as apart of the platform’s continuous attempts to enhance and preserve the security of player accounts.

You cannot check in or use any Ubisoft websites or services when your account is permanently suspended. If you think the action was done incorrectly, you can file a ticket to challenge the penalty; review the following before filing an appeal:

  • The actions of the account are under the account holder’s control
  • Abuseful or repetitive appeals will not support your position
  • After a final review, appeals may be dismissed
  • You haven’t sold your login information to anybody else or bought any games or virtual goods from an unauthorized seller

Your account can be restricted for another cause, such as having made too many unsuccessful login attempts if you have not recently tried to make any transactions. To apply your ban, Ubisoft may gather and analyze your private information. Ubisoft is acting in its legitimate interest to combat illicit behavior by punishing users who engage in illegal behavior.

As stated above, please know you have the right to challenge the ban. Ubisoft may retain such personal information for as long as required to ensure the sanction is carried out. Such personal information will be kept for ten years if Ubisoft has permanently banned you due to criminal behavior. The Ubisoft ‘Privacy Policy’ will apply to the storage of your data.

Please be aware, nonetheless, that some legal limitations pertain to the specific situation of the permanent prohibition; your personal information about a permanent ban will not be made available to you by Ubisoft since doing so would enable users to get around the platform’s anti-toxic measures.

Please be aware that Ubisoft will not be able to delete your personal information relating to permanent bans either, as doing so might make it more difficult for Ubisoft to identify or deal with bannable behaviors.

Customer Support

Customer care is available through Ubisoft Connect to help users with problems or complaints. Users can contact Ubisoft Connect’s customer service department for assistance if they are having issues making purchases, experiencing technical issues, or have questions about their accounts.

Users are reassured that they have a dedicated point of contact to address problems arising during or after the buying procedure by providing dependable customer care. It helps people feel confident and trusted in the platform.

Customer Reviews And Feedback

Customer comments and reviews are important when evaluating the safety of purchasing games on Ubisoft Connect. Users can browse the Ubisoft Connect site and examine feedback and evaluations posted by others who have purchased and played the game before purchasing.

By using this feedback system, prospective customers can base their judgments on the opinions and experiences of others. It offers insightful information about the game’s dependability and general user happiness. Users can reduce the risks of buying poor quality or troublesome games by considering community feedback.

Final Words

When it comes to making game purchases on the system, Ubisoft Connect puts the security and safety of its consumers first. Ubisoft Connect’s dedication to safeguarding customer data and creating a secure environment for buying games is demonstrated by the deployment of secure payment processing and account security measures.

Potential customers can make well-informed judgments based on the experiences of others by adding user evaluations and feedback. The availability of customer support options also increases user trust in the platform.

Although no system is completely risk-free, Ubisoft Connect has made substantial efforts to offer a safe and dependable platform for game purchases. Users may have a secure and pleasurable gaming experience on Ubisoft Connect by using care, remaining educated, and adhering to recommended practices for online security.

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