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Why Is My Crossbow Shooting High? 3 Fixes 

Why Is My Crossbow Shooting High? 3 Fixes 

There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing a crossbow, learning how to use it and still ending up with less than perfect results. Sometimes our crossbows end up shooting way higher than we anticipate and that can leave the archers a bit perplexed.

There are several reasons why a crossbow may be shooting too high. There is a chance that you might not be aiming properly and that is a very common mistake that archers make but there can be a more technical cause as well. There can be a miscalculation in lining the shot. The crossbow can also have loose screws and nuts, which may cause the issue, at times the crossbow isn’t tuned properly and that impacts the aim too. 

The good thing is that all these problems can be resolved once the issue is identified.

If you have dealt with such issues in the past and want to learn the quick fix, this article is for you. 

What Are Some Common Problems That Cause Crossbows To Shoot High

The simplest of issues can throw off the precision of your crossbow.

If you want to learn how to site a crossbow properly, watch this video before you continue 

You May Not Be Tuning It Enough

When you use a crossbow, it vibrates with every draw. These vibrations are powerful enough to shift the tuning of the crossbow. It is crucial that the bow is tuned accurately at all times or your aim may be slightly higher.

How To Tune Your Crossbow Accurately  To Fix This

Tuning the bow accurately is simple. You need to mark where your bow is tuned to initially and if you see any changes you have to tune it back to it’s original place. 

The brace height of your crossbow is measured from the centre and it is the distance from the bowstring itself through to the belly side of the riser. This is where the bow is usually tuned to and marking this will allow you to identify the problem when the bow is untuned.

There May Be Loose Components 

Again, with constant use, some components may shift or become loose because of the constant friction and vibrations. An unscrewed bolt or nut can seriously ruin the precision of your bow. The quick solution to this is to constantly check if the nuts and screws are tight and working properly.

There May Be An Issue With Your Line Of Shot

Archery is difficult to master and requires a certain posture to get the aim right. You may just not be taking an accurate aim and this can result in a higher shot.

How To Get The Aim Right?

It is crucial to keep in mind that when firing a crossbow, the bow is levelled to the ground and your limbs are parallel to it. A slight shift in weight can cause the aim to be inaccurate.

The Bottom Line

If you are unable to get the shot right and the shot is higher than you intend it to be, no need to panic. All you need to do is identify the problem and then fix it. The solution is usually relatively simple. It can range from needing to tighten loose components to just more practice with the aim.