Why Is Photoshop Only Available Via Subscription?

If you are familiar with Adobe products, you know how much they cost with their never-ending subscription costs. So naturally, one would say it’s not fair to users, so let’s find out why we need to subscribe over and over for one software.

Photoshop is only available via a subscription because that model is more profitable for Adobe. Subscribers will never have to worry about using an outdated version of the program.

However, there’s more to it. For example, the user may find the subscriptions irritating, especially when other competitors provide one-time payments; Adobe has several reasons. 

Access to latest updates

When Adobe shifted from buy-model to subscription-based model, the updates became easier. As a result, there is no need to buy a new Photoshop every time there is an upgrade in software. 

You won’t need to wait for years to get a new feature because the subscription-based model allows Adobe to regularly upgrade and fix any glitch. 

Dodging the piracy

While Photoshop’s high costs lure many users into using the pirated version, genuine software is always better. In addition, the subscription allows you to have access to the latest features and support from Adobe, which is not possible for someone using it illegally. 

If you have to make full use of Photoshop, including fonts, you must sign in to the Adobe Creative Cloud. So, the subscription-based model ensures that the user stays under their radar.

Free Stuff

With the subscription-based model, Adobe can easily offer a lot of stock photos and fonts for free. However, the subscription is beneficial if you look at it long-term. 

Each new font and picture would cost much money if you had to buy it separately. Imagine getting a license for every new font for your project! It will be a hell of a task for designers. 

Adobe’s free access to fonts and other stuff discourages piracy, especially for the users who are just getting started in the design world and can’t afford such assets. 


Photoshop is a premium Adobe product. It is very evident for a company to extract as much profit as possible. However, subscriptions allow Adobe to generate more income than a ‘one-time payment’ system. 

Even users are making money out of their software. It is being used all over the world. So, subscriptions could be considered an investment for the profit you will generate for yourself.  

The company needs money too to be able to operate efficiently. You can only imagine how big the team of developers and other staff would be working behind the scene. 

All in all, one could say Photoshop subscriptions might not be the best option for beginners who are barely making their ends meet. For them, there are many other alternatives to Photoshop.

However, if you invest in Photoshop, it is only wiser to subscribe, considering the features and support you get. It is how it is, whether we like it or not. 

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