Can Basketball Make You Taller? The Facts Explained

You may want to increase your height for a variety of reasons, including athletic performance and general appearance. Given that basketball players are usually tall, you would think playing basketball could help you grow taller. 

Unfortunately, there is no proof that basketball or any other physical exercise enhances maximum height. The same holds true for vitamins and any other tactics offered to help you grow taller.

Height is influenced mostly by hereditary factors, with diet throughout childhood and adolescence coming in second. By the time you reach maturity, your bone growth plates have closed, making additional height gains biologically impossible.

On average, great basketball players are taller, since height offers players a unique edge on the court. As a result, tall people are routinely chosen for teams. The good news is that practicing basketball and other related physical activities provides some health and athletic performance benefits.

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What Does Science Say About Basketball?

There is no scientific proof that basketball improves height, and this lack of data is not due to a lack of studies. Basketball has been around for a while, and there has been a lot of study done on its impact on physical factors.

A recent study, for example, looked at the impact of 10 weeks of basketball instruction on the anthropometric and physiological parameters of kids. It discovered gains in lean body mass, jump height, grip strength, and other athletic performance metrics.

Although these trials were not designed to examine changes in height, any potential height gains would have been detected because this information was acquired from participants. The argument is that basketball is not an unexplored sport. Therefore, any research on basketball and height would almost certainly be widely published and advertised.

Breaking down the sport’s physical motions and looking at studies on whether these exercises have the ability to grow height will help you examine the possible influence of basketball and height further. 

Health Benefits Of Playing Basketball 

Basketball is all about starting and stopping. While it is not well-known as an aerobic sport, it is a wonderful workout that may assist you:

Expend calories 

An hour of basketball may burn between 630 and 750 calories.

Regular physical exercise improves heart health and general fitness. According to a 2019 study, basketball raises resting heart rates, which improves cardiorespiratory fitness. This is associated with a decreased risk of getting cardiovascular disease.

Increase Endurance

You’ll also require muscular endurance, which is the capacity of muscles to exert force repeatedly for a lengthy period of time. Playing basketball and practicing workouts to enhance your lower and upper body strength will help you boost your physical endurance.

Improve Balance And Coordination

Basketball necessitates the development of hand-eye and foot coordination, as well as the ability to keep your balance during the actions. You must move your body rapidly when you jump, pivot, or change direction while playing.

Basketball necessitates the application of motor skills, including shooting, passing, and dribbling. You’ll also improve your rebounding and defensive moves. Maintaining a strong physique will allow you to do all of these things more easily.

Increase Muscular Mass

Basketball improves motor coordination, flexibility, and endurance. It also promotes agility, speed, and strength. These abilities have been found to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and self-esteem by promoting a healthy body weight and encouraging increased physical exercise.

Stress Reduction

Physical exercise produces endorphins, which are feel-good or happy chemicals. Endorphins have been shown to improve mood, promote relaxation, and reduce pain. They can also help you overcome depression, raise your self-esteem, and improve your work performance.

Basketball will also help you improve your attention skills by keeping you focused on the game. This might also aid in the development of present-moment consciousness or mindfulness. These methods may be useful in dealing with worry in other aspects of your life.

How Basketball Effects Your Social Life

It Promotes Team Spirit

Basketball promotes a sense of community and collaboration. You may have the opportunity to engage favorably with people from other backgrounds, which might broaden your perspective.

Furthermore, regardless of the outcome of your performance, you will learn to play fairly and generously. You and your colleagues may strive to be helpful, good role models for one another.

It Improves Communication Abilities

You may discover new ways to communicate verbally and nonverbally as you connect with your colleagues. You’ll have the opportunity to converse with your colleagues and hear what they have to say.

There will very certainly be time to interact before, during, and after a game or practice. Effective communication skills will enhance your athletic, personal, and professional life, whether you decide to speak out or keep silent more often.

Can Your Height Increase Through Methods Other Than Basketball?

Regardless of physical activity’s lack of effect on height, maximal height and the elements that influence it have been extensively researched. The lengthening of bones drives height growth. This happens throughout childhood and adolescence.

The epiphyses’ growth plates, which are cartilaginous structures present on the ends of many different bones in children, are where bone elongation occurs. The largest height gains occur during infancy and again during the pubertal growth spurt. 

The growth plates solidify during the end of adolescence and early adulthood, and further bone length development ends. It’s worth noting that with the right workout and diet plan, you can still grow bone breadth and density. 

Improving your bone density is good for your health, strength, and longevity, but it has little effect on your total height. The vast majority of height studies indicate that heredity has a 60-95% deciding role in maximal adult height. 

If adolescent dietary intake is inadequate, the body prioritizes important tasks and diverts key resources away from bone elongation growth. If you want your children to grow taller, you should ensure they eat a wide variety of healthy, nutrient-dense meals while limiting junk food.


Once again, everyone, including basketball players, is genetically designed to reach their maximum height, serving as the limiting cutoff. There are no scientifically established methods for increasing your height as an adult. 

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