How To Control A Basketball – Five Easiest Ways 

Dribbling, or ball-handling, is a fundamental skill for all basketball players, and it is one that should be practised on a regular basis regardless of age or aptitude. Here are some pointers and drills to help you improve your basketball handling abilities.

The basketball is controlled by your fingertips. Many inexperienced players make the error of smacking the ball with their palms. This usually results in the ball being hit overly forcefully, indicating a lack of control over the ball.

Basketball requires skills such as agility and patience. Here are some ideas to help you improve your basketball control. Keep reading to learn more tips about mastering basketball! 

5 Ways To Control A Basketball

Here are five distinct ways that can help you control the basketball better during a game.

Keep Your Palms Wide Open For A Better Grip

Make your hand as big as possible by spreading your fingers wide. This improves your basketball coverage and control. It also allows your finger pads to retain touch with the ball while keeping it out of your palm.

Striking The Basketball

Strike the ball as hard as you can. The longer the ball remains in the air, the more vulnerable the defender is. Dribbling the ball forcefully allows it to remain in your hand longer, giving you greater control.

Always Watch Out For The Ball

Always keep an eye on the ball. Maintain an “arm bar” position with your free arm in front of the ball, elbow bent and forearm contracted. If you are protecting the ball, many defenders will not try to steal it or disturb your dribble. 

If a defender attempts to interrupt your dribble while you are defending it, the defender will have no access to the basketball and will be forced to move out of position while attempting a theft or deflection. In addition, the defender may commit a cheap foul while attempting to break through your arm bar.

Stay Conscious Of Your Surroundings

 Keep your eyes up and look at the ground. This allows you to see double teams coming and gives you time to make a fast pass to escape traps. You will see available teammates and be able to pass the ball to them at the perfect time.

Practice Dribbling

Dribble the ball as much as you can. The longer the ball remains in the air, the more vulnerable the defender is. Dribbling the ball forcefully allows it to remain in your hand longer, giving you greater control. 

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What Are Some Killer Moves In Basketball?

Basketball players should practice their abilities in both directions without glancing at the ball. Push off with the “outside” foot and dribble the ball low and hard with the matching hand across to the opposing dribbling hand to change directions.

Change directions by pivoting backwards from the “inside” foot. The simplest method to do this is to begin the pivot with the “inside” foot forward. As a result, the “outside” foot is already going in a new direction. 

Pull the ball with your dribbling hand over into place to be dribbled by your other hand as you reverse pivot. The more you can get the ball moved over to that hand and shielded by your body, the less likely a defender will intervene.

Footwork is essential in this situation. The behind-the-back dribble starts when the outside leg is back and just starting to go forward, and the ball must be dribbled all the way to the opposing hand. 

The key to an efficient behind-the-back dribble is to keep going forward rather than laterally. This requires coordination of the arms and legs so that the ball can go to where it has to go.

While your inside leg is forward, you dribble the ball backwards between your legs. This manoeuvre will allow you to shift directions, but it will also slow you down a step or two. This is the most prevalent type of dribbling between the legs.

While your outer leg is forward, you dribble the ball forward between your legs. You will push off with the same leg in the other direction. Because the ball is exposed for a brief duration with this method, it is best performed when you have a solid cushion from the defender. You don’t lose forward velocity when using this strategy.

What Is The Toughest Move To Master? 

The spin move is one of the most difficult basketball techniques to master, but it is an essential tool for players to have in their dribbling arsenal. It entails planting your inner foot and pulling the basketball around a defender while reverse-pivoting. 

This may be a tough move for novice players to perform, but it is rapid and effective when a player has practised it. It is critical for players to keep their hands on top of the basketball. Referees will flag the dribbler for a moving violation if the hand slips beneath. 

Watch the video to see how it’s done. 

What Not To Do While Playing?

There are certain things you should never do on the court. If you create your own basket, the other team will receive two points. Never move without dribbling your basketball.

 You must dribble whenever you get the ball and wish to move around the court. If you don’t, the referee will blow the whistle and the ball will be given to the opposing team.

Never bring the ball halfway across the court and then back.

 The half-court line is the line that divides the basketball court in half. If a player moves the ball from one side of the line to the other, they cannot return. If they do, the referee will give the ball to the other side.

Never ignore your coach. Listen to your coach at all times. There are many things you don’t know when you’re learning the game. The coach is there to help you improve. The game grows more enjoyable as you go. You could improve to the point where you can instruct other players on how to play. 

Nervous Before The Game? You’re Not Alone

If one of the best basketball players of all time was apprehensive before a game, then you and I are perfectly normal to be nervous before a game or practice session. The sensation of anxiety is entirely natural. It is also entirely natural to be worried before a basketball game or training session. 

Essentially, your body prepares to fight or flee a situation by increasing adrenaline production. Adrenaline causes your heart to beat quicker, your blood pressure to rise, your breathing to accelerate, and your hands and palms to sweat. 

One of the simplest and most effective strategies to alleviate tension before a practice session is to just listen to music beforehand. Another wonderful approach to reducing anxiety before a basketball practice session is to meditate and include a yoga routine in your personal practice sessions.


Basketball, at the end of the day, is simply a game. While you will want to give your all throughout practice and games, you should not be too harsh on yourself. Play at the level that you are most comfortable with and give it your all.

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