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What Does “Tryhard” Mean in Gaming Terms?

What Does “Tryhard” Mean in Gaming Terms?

If you’ve been an avid fan of video games then chances are that you’ve heard the term tryhard at least once or twice. Gamers throw this term towards each other on a match-to-match basis with the intention of lightly insulting each other. Here is what this term really means and why it is used so frequently. 

A tryhard is a person that attempts to win every game with tenacious determination and utmost dedication by optimizing gameplay. Such players are well known to take their games extremely seriously. Often to the point where it can become mentally taxing to play with them in the same team. 

This can in turn cause periodic repercussions among the player’s teammates in form of repetitive whining and toxic slurs being passed via in-game chats. But do these players really ruin video games or are they actually adding to the competitiveness of the game?

What Really Is A Tryhard?

The term “tryhard” is often unfairly applied by players who are frustrated with getting their playstyle countered. Tryhard is also applicable to players that are employing some popular successful (otherwise known as ‘meta’) strategies to win the game. 

While the term itself is completely subjective in nature, players often don’t hesitate to use it wherever possible. The tryhard mentality is often misrepresented as “Everyone better than me has no life while everyone worse than me is a noob”. However, this, of course, is not applicable everywhere.

Is Every Good Player A Tryhard?

The validity of this accusation depends entirely on the context. Tournament players (otherwise known as pro players) are a popular anomaly to this rule. Since their profession requires them to be good at the game. So it is virtually guaranteed that they will do anything in their power to optimize their gameplay. 

Tryhards are often not the ‘good players’ but ones that are trying to reach a certain level of skill. Therefore, someone attempting to compensate with sheer effort in order to succeed should be someone worth admiring instead of being labeled as a tryhard.

Do Tryhards Ruin Video Games?

This is ultimately a matter of opinion but the general consensus among players is that tryhards ruin the game for others. After all, there are gamers who are just trying to have fun. Getting bashed on every single one of their mistakes can make them feel offended. This can in turn sour the mood for other players who are simply there for enjoyment.

At the end of the day, someone who is genuinely dragging down the team performance by exhibiting toxicity or performing in an adequate manner. Individuals like these may whine about their teammates instead of trying to improve themselves.

Trying your best to win a game is never a bad way of having fun. It is simply a matter of perspective. Some people can find enjoyment in trying hard and some people do not. Your main goal should be to enjoy the game. Your playstyle shouldn’t matter as long as you’re not dragging everyone down.