Does an SSD Improve FPS? All You Need to Know

For the longest time, HDDs have been used for gaming purposes all over the world. With the introduction of SSDs, the quality of gaming for games from every corner of the Earth has improved drastically. SSDs remove the lanky moving parts and give the user an incredible gaming experience.

While there have many benefits to SSDs, one of the biggest advantages is that they provide an overall incredibly smooth gaming experience for all users. They help launch games and load levels quicker than ever before. 

Considering all this, it is fair to conclude that an SSD might not improve FPS when it comes to gaming, but its benefits make it worth the purchase.


HDDs have been used in the gaming community for a long time. However, with the introduction of SSDs, people are wondering which option is better for them.

Not only is it an SSD lighter and contains no moving parts, it also uses less power! This means that you can save up on power and electricity more when using an SSD in comparison to when you use HDDs. 

An HDD, however, is more cost-effective and is therefore used in bigger corporations and institutions like banks and data centers. 

Does SSD Affect FPS?

Short answer, no. SSD does not improve or worsen FPS. However, it significantly impacts different aspects of your gaming experience, making it a worthy purchase.

Benefits of SSD

There are many benefits to switching to an SSD instead of continuing your gaming experience with HDDs. If you’d like to know more, please continue reading. 

Load Time

When using an HDD, the load time will be 1 to 3 minutes. Meanwhile, using an SSD, the load time will drop to 10 to 30 seconds. This significant difference between the two encourages users to shift over to using SSDs instead of HDDs. 

This is because the SSD can access data faster than a regular old hard is said that a decrease in load time improves your gaming experience significantly. It can be confirmed when reading and hearing the experiences of different people with SSDs over HDDs.

Durability and Reliability

Since HDDs have moving parts like the magnetic spin plate, it can be rightly assumed that it makes them less beneficial than SSDs. SSDs have no moving parts and have more absorption for shock and impact.

Low Power Consumption

As stated, SSDs consume more power than HDDs when used to game. Also, the fact that there are no moving parts also plays a massive role in ensuring SSDs use the least amount of power. This shows that SSDs are best for laptops as well. 

Smooth Gameplay

Due to the reduction in load time for games that otherwise might take longer, SSDs help give you a smooth gameplay experience, while HDDs cannot give you the same. This also allows you to ensure your game does not stutter while playing. 

A smooth gaming experience is a massive plus point for all gamers as it is one of the most crucial tasks they need drives to perform for them.

While the price point is a major factor for why people often do not get SSDs, the benefits of the drive outweigh the losses. Therefore, regardless of the expensiveness of the item, it is extremely sought after by gamers all over the world.

Longer Life Expectancy

Unlike HDDs, SSDs have a higher life expectancy. This is mainly because the HDD has multiple moving parts that can get damaged very easily while SSDs do not have any moving parts. This makes the device durable and stronger. It might not be immune to failures but it definitely is a more secure drive than an HDD.

Portability and Lack of Noise

SSDs are easier to carry around and avoid making lots of noise meaning they are convenient to use in public. Its lower weight makes it so that it’s easily portable. This way you can game on the road, in a cafe, or any other public space. All you need is an SSD, a laptop, and your headphones so you can enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

Games that Benefit from SSD

Here are some games that have been tested using SSDs to see the improvements this type of drive might bring to your gaming experience.


This game would particularly benefit from faster load times and smoother screenplay. This is exactly what an SSD offers you. This game sees a 27 second decrease in load time when compared to the load time that occurs using an HDD. There is little to no change in FPS.

The Witcher 3 (Wild Hunt)

While this game sometimes benefits from 1 or 2 FPS, this is an insignificant improvement. This means that the biggest benefit to using an SSD for this type of game, once again, is the reduction in load time which improves by 9 seconds. 

This game also uses a lot of loading screens which, with the help of an SSD, are cut down in half.


While using an SSD does not make any significant improvement in FPS, other benefits like durability, portability, use of less power, and reduced load times etc., make it so that an investment in an SSD is a good one. 

If you are looking to improve your gaming experience by making it smoother and more immersive, buying an SSD is the way to go. Regardless of its higher price point, compared to an HDD, it is the best option for you if you enjoy smooth gaming.

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