Does Wonder Woman Like Batman?

Batman is regarded as one of DC Comics’ best-known playboys and philanthropists. Bruce Wayne prefers strong, dangerous women, as seen in his past relationships. Many fans are still curious whether Batman ever dated Wonder Woman from the DC comics.

There is no hint that Wonder Woman and Batman are romantically involved, despite their close relationship. Although the two characters have occasionally flirted, their relationship has mainly been described as spiritual.

There is no denying that Wonder Woman likes Batman, even though the two may not have romantic love for one another. Their intricate relationship will be briefly explained in this article.

Has Wonder Woman Ever Dated Batman?

Wonder Woman seems to embody all of Bruce’s preferences. She is highly intelligent and powerful compared to him. Did Wonder Woman and Batman ever date? She has a rigid code of ethics, a good dose of competition, and stunning looks. So, while Batman and Wonder Woman occasionally dated briefly, their relationship was never committed. 

In a few cases, little more than mutual desire served as the foundation of the partnership. Despite being superheroes and being a perfect match, they are only ever pals. The main love interest of Batman is by no means Wonder Woman.

Batman’s Love Interests

Batman has had a lot of love interests throughout the years, just like the vast majority of comic book heroes. Even the gloomy and brooding Caped Crusader can fall in love. His dating patterns can be termed as toxic, to say the least. 

The majority of the time, Batman bases his decisions on the level of danger, and it just so happens that several of his love interests have attempted to murder him or have been the target of his attempts. He needs the women he dates to be powerful, ambitious, and a little dangerous, so his relationships have sometimes been tied to his rogues gallery.

Batman, formerly linked with Wonder Woman in the Justice League, has nothing against dating any of his teammates, at least on the female side.

We’ve given you a brief rundown of a few situations in which Wonder Woman and Batman were linked, even though their romance never developed into something lasting and Wonder Woman was never considered his primary love interest.

Wonder Woman’s Interest In Batman

In “The Brave and the Bold,” Diana is operating secretly to apprehend the criminal Copperhead and needs Bruce Wayne’s help. She is endearing and appears romantically interested in Wayne, but she primarily plays it off for the show. After being sprayed with a toxin that causes flashbacks, Wonder Woman is forced to relive the moment her longtime love, Steve Trevor, dies.

As they work together to capture the bad guy, Wonder Woman and Batman become aware of their mutual attraction to one another. They briefly tried dating, but nothing meaningful ever came out of it.

The Kiss Between Batman And Wonder Woman

The story of the first encounter between the greatest DC comics trio, ‘Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, is told in “Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity.” Batman and Wonder Woman offend one another at first with crude remarks. As the plot develops, it becomes clear that Wonder Woman finds Batman’s personality somewhat overwhelming. 

Eventually, she changes her mind and values his loyalty and integrity more. Batman once found himself on Paradise Island, where he saw Diana bathing. He kisses her after giving up trying to fight his feelings.

Batman acknowledges that he is still plagued by Diana’s beauty, grace, and strength, even after Wonder Woman punches him in the face. Although the encounter does not lead to a romantic connection, Batman continues.

Watch this video of Wonder Woman and Batman admitting their love:

Batman and Wonder Woman Admit Their Love and Share Romantic Moments from Justice League Unlimited.

Wonder Woman and Batman: The New Earth Continuity

Similar to the Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman Trinity, Batman and Wonder Woman’s relationship in the “New Earth” timeline began awkwardly but eventually became more comfortable as they came to appreciate one another’s strengths. 

Batman developed a strong bond with Wonder Woman and was shocked to learn that Neron had taken her soul. Despite this, they grew close, though Wonder Woman was disappointed that she couldn’t persuade Batman to change his ways.

Batman advised her to accept him as he was and gave her a rose to represent their relationship. Even after deciding not to pursue a romantic connection, their relationship eventually developed romantic overtones. 

In perplexity, Batman acknowledged that he thought Wonder Woman was lovely and pondered whether they should try dating again. During the events of “The Obsidian Age,” they kissed before passing away and being revived. Later, they tried to talk about their feelings and briefly attempted dating, but they ultimately chose to break up.

Wonder Woman’s Confession 

In the past, Wonder Woman admitted that she had flings with Batman and Superman. She believed Batman’s dedication to battling crime and eccentric personality prevented him from committing to a long-term relationship. 

They remained loving friends after the breakup. Wonder Woman still harbored feelings of love for Batman, as seen in a vision in which she kissed him and freed herself from the Black Lantern Ring’s hold. Even after their formal partnership ended, they kept flirting.

Wonder Woman And Batman’s Relationship: DC Animated Universe

Batman and Wonder Woman were briefly romantically connected in the DC Animated Universe, demonstrating how fast their connection has stretched. In Justice Lord, World Wonder Woman married Lord Bettman. Still, their union was short-lived because Wonder Woman killed him.

In the ‘Rebirth’ plot, Diana and Bruce are imprisoned for a long time while facing the Hordes of Gehenna in the Realm. They briefly feel attracted to one another and come close to kissing. Still, their commitment to other people prevents them from getting closer romantically. Instead, they stay close friends.

Final Thoughts

Batman and Wonder Woman have occasionally flirted in DC comics, but their relationship has typically been presented as platonic. Batman and Wonder Woman have never had a committed relationship, despite Batman’s poisonous love life and fondness for deadly women.

They’ve had brief relationships but always ended up being friends. They form a powerful combination because of their mutual respect and adoration for one another, which adds an intriguing dynamic to the DC Universe overall.

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