Can Superman beat Black Adam?

When Man of Steel was released in 2013, Superman was recognized as one of its strongest and most powerful characters. However, the introduction of Black Adam changed the hierarchy on the battlefield as Black Adam was granted the powers of the Egyptian Gods. So, if the two went head-to-head, who would win?

Although this is not a confirmation, most people believe that Superman can beat Black Adam. This is because Superman’s strength, along with his speed, is unmatchable by Black Adam. So, even though Black Adam is ruthless, he lets anger cloud his judgment and gives into it by making poorer decisions.

Several other strengths and weaknesses of each character can help us decide whether Superman can beat Black Adam. continue reading to learn more about them! 

What Makes Superman A Good Fighter

Superman continues to be popular among those who watch the DC Extended Universe movies and read comics. This is because he holds the power of strength that many desire to have. Also, unlike many superheroes, he uses his powers to try and do good for people. 


Superman’s power is greatly influenced by his past and the fact that he is essentially an alien. He was born on Krypton, a much bigger planet with stronger gravitational force than Earth. Thus, Superman discovered his greater strength when landing on Earth because he was now on a planet with weaker gravitational force.

As Earth’s lesser gravity does not impact him much, Superman can carry out tasks that require great strength. This gives him the name Man of Steel because he is among the most powerful heroes of all time.  


Superman can easily handle everything that comes his way, whether it is a knife to his heart or a bullet to his eye. Cells and radiation are the two primary reasons for this. Firstly, Kryptonian people have a dense molecular structure, making it harder for anything to get through their bodies. 

Additionally, body cells in Kryptonians can convert the Sun’s radiation into energy. Although he could not do this on Krypton because of its weaker red sun, he can metabolize solar radiation from the Earth’s sun because it is younger and more powerful. 

The two factors combine to give Superman more boost, making him stronger and faster. 


The lack of Earth’s gravitational pull compared to Krypton’s explains why Superman is so fast. The side effects of moving too fast, like friction, do not impact Superman because his body is strong enough to resist it. Thus, he can run through Earth’s little gravitational pull at a much greater speed than almost all his rivals. 


Although the abovementioned factors make Superman among the strongest in the DCEU, his invincibility does not exist around Kryptonite. This element exists in numerous forms and impacts Superman by restricting his cells and his ability to metabolize solar radiation.

This alien element makes him weak instantly and reduces his superpowers. Although it has several variations like red, blue, and white, green kryptonite can be dangerous enough to kill Superman. Therefore, if Black Adam finds adequate kryptonite, he will most like defeat Superman. 

The Red Sun

Kryptonians lose all their powers and the advantages gained from yellow solar radiation when exposed to a red sun. Thus, their powers decrease as they spend more time under the red sun. Even lamps that emit red light can stimulate the effect and reduce Superman’s powers.

Now, let’s delve deeper into what makes Black Adam a good rival. 

The following video also explains the comparisons between these two characters:

What Makes Black Adam a Good Fighter

Black Adam is one of Earth’s strongest and fiercest mortals. He is a renowned supervillain in the DCEU. 


Among Black Adam’s most prominent traits is his ruthlessness. In both the DCEU movies and comics, Black Adam is known to have ripped a person in half because he refuses to show mercy to anyone.

Thus, he does not need the incentive to turn toward killing Superman. This is because Black Adam enjoys killing people for sport and will do the same to Superman if he can. 


While Superman has laser eyes, Black Adam has lightning. This is comprised of one of Superman’s biggest weaknesses: magic. If Superman were hit with ordinary lightning, he would be strong enough to make it bounce back off. 

However, if Black Adam’s magic-infused lightning strikes Superman, it will be powerful enough to rip his skin and go through his body.

Magic is sufficient to take away Superman’s powers slowly. Although he will still maintain his strength, indestructibility, and speed, they will decrease with every hit of magic that Black Adam has in his lightning. 


Even though Black Adam is ruthless, it comes with a cost. This is because he becomes angry so often that his rage overpowers any rationality he might possess. 

Comparing Superman and Black Adam

The numerous factors stated above for each DCEU member make us wonder whether Superman can beat Black Adam or not. It is evident that Superman is one of the strongest superheroes in the DCEU, with several powers, including his mighty strength, durability, and fast speed.

Additionally, his powers can only be limited by Black Adam if he uses magic or kryptonite. Even though these reduce Superman’s strength, they do not take it away entirely.

Therefore, although Black Adam is ruthless and possesses magic-infused lightning, he is not strong enough to beat Superman.

Evidence from Superman’s past fights also supports this. He singlehandedly beat the Justice League. He has also defeated several other superheroes, including Spider-man, Thor, Green Lantern, The Hulk, and The Martian Manhunter.

As Black Adam is likely to give in to his anger, his desire to beat Superman will be filled with rage that will prevent him from thinking about his strategies rationally. Therefore, Black Adam will approach without planning the face-off between the two, giving Superman an advantage over him. 

Final Takeaway

In conclusion, we can observe that both DCEU members have several strengths and weaknesses. However, Superman’s strengths outweigh his weaknesses and maintain him as one of the greatest DC heroes of all time, resulting in him being able to beat Black Adam. 

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