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Why Is Ubisoft Connect So Slow?

Why Is Ubisoft Connect So Slow?

Ubisoft Connect is a recent service offered by Ubisoft. It is an ecosystem that provides players with access to a ton of features and services, including a wide variety of games, chat, etc. However, a number of players have reported that their Ubisoft Connect is slow.

One reason for this is that Ubisoft Connect’s launcher requires users to sign in once more each time they open their application, which feels unfair to users considering that it is a paid service. Many users also report that the launcher keeps lagging.

Keep reading below as we discuss this issue and provide possible solutions.

Why is Ubisoft Connect So Slow?

Ubisoft Connect is a cross-platform service that aims to improve upon the existing desktop service Uplay by adding additional features and prizes. Ubisoft rolled out a number of games and titles in 2020, when the service was first launched. 

However, there are many users who have reported issues with Ubisoft Connect in terms of its speed. 

These issues did not exist from the beginning but only started once Ubisoft Connect updated its launcher. The new launcher requires users to sign in every time they open the application. 

This is a serious hassle given that it’s a paid service that should be able to save your login details. A number of users also report that the launcher gets “stuck” and either lags or just doesn’t work.

You might find other reasons that your Ubisoft Connect is acting slowly. It could be that you have an outdated desktop application. It could also be that you have way too many background applications running, which is, in turn, slowing down your Ubisoft Connect.

Is Ubisoft and Uplay the Same?

The Ubisoft Connect platform is an extension of the company’s current Uplay platform. Uplay is a hybrid of a storefront and a social hub; however, it is only available for PC versions of games developed and published by Ubisoft.

It comes with a friend list function, in-game prizes, and benefits through the Ubisoft Club, among other things. 

All of these features and services will be brought to the versions of the games that are playable on consoles, as well as those that are playable on specific cloud gaming services, when Ubisoft Connect is released.

Players will be able to monitor their overall progress across every platform, handle their prizes, and view friend lists through a mobile app. You’ll need a Ubisoft account to use these functions.

How to Increase Download Speed on Ubisoft

You should check the real speed of the Internet connection with a broadband speed test.

If you are currently transferring data over the internet, downloading games from Ubisoft may be considerably slowed down as a result. In this situation, you must halt all other uploads and downloads to your system and the rest of the network as well.

When it comes to downloading games and updates, the Ubisoft Client allows users to set a cap on the amount of bandwidth consumed. 

Select “settings” from the main menu (the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the screen) to implement this restriction. Set the “bandwidth limit” slider all the way to the right to disable the feature.

You’ll need to pause the download in the app and start it back up once some time has passed. It is possible that the game will download more quickly now.

The Ubisoft Download Server is frequently overloaded, meaning that games may take a long time to download. Particularly in the days and weeks that immediately follow the launch of popular games. 

The download speed is slow, but it does function. You’ll have to be patient or schedule the download for a later time if this happens to you.

What is a Good Download Speed for Gaming?

You might be led to assume that the root of all of your gaming issues is a slow internet connection if you only listen to conventional wisdom. 

In fact, the only time that gaming necessitates an internet connection that is significantly quicker than the typical broadband connection (25–50 Mbps) is when you are downloading a new game or an update.

A 512 kbps connection is sufficient even for a high-action game like Apex Legends. But when you’re sharing an internet connection with others, speed continues to pose an issue.

Download speeds can be compared to a birthday cake in the following way: if you and another person share an internet connection with a bandwidth of 50 megabits per second (Mbps), you will each receive a sizable portion of the cake.

On the other hand, if there are five or ten people in your household making video calls or watching movies at the same time, your piece of cake will be divided and divided until it is reduced to a heap of crumbs.

The decisive factor in determining what constitutes a suitable download speed for gaming is, of course, the type of game that will be played.

In order to avoid “lag” (or, to use the more formal word, “latency”), avid gamers who play games like “Overwatch” and “Fortnite” need access to fast download and upload rates. 

However, if you’re into gaming, particularly multiplayer or “competitive” gaming, an Internet connection speed of at least 20 Mbps is highly recommended.

The “lag zone” begins at a download speed of below 20 Mbps, and if you’re in it, you’re probably going to be unable to make that amazing kill shot you were planning on making. 

You may encounter these issues with the internet speed that you receive through a 5g home internet connection.

However, having a high-speed internet connection is no assurance of a lag-free gaming session. When playing games online, latency, jitter, and packet loss are all equally crucial.


Seeing the number of users who have reported experiencing issues with Ubisoft Connect, it’s clear that the service is far from perfect. But it is also the only way that users can access various services across multiple platforms.