Why Do Teachers Give So Much Homework?

So many students often complain about teachers assigning too much homework, but the teachers usually comment that the students are just overreacting and need to just finish their work. Being a student, every one of us has thought at some point that, more or less, why do teachers even have to assign homework to us when there is so much work we already do during school hours? Here is the answer. 

Teachers give so much homework to their students simply to do more practice of what they have been taught in the class. Homework is a good practice as long as it is given in the right amount. When students are assigned a greater amount of homework, it can cause a bad outcome instead of a positive learning impact. 

Let us go through some pros and cons of getting too much homework. 

Why Should Students Be Assigned Homework?

There are a lot of good reasons why students should have homework. Some of them are the following:

Doing homework encourages practice

One of the most positive reasons students should have homework is that it encourages practice. We understand that your task might be repetitive and boring, but the more you practice, the more it will lead you to perfection, thus making your concepts clearer. 

Time management becomes easy

Completing your assigned homework is a lot more than just finishing the tasks. Having homework can teach the students to manage their time efficiently and make sure that all their assigned tasks are done in time. This may lead the students to enhance their problem-solving skills and think independently. 

Screentime Gets Minimized

Many students, especially younger children, spend too much time watching TV or phones after school. Although having homework seems tedious and time-consuming, it is an excellent way to encourage studying habits in the students while reducing their screen time. 

Why Is Having Homework Bad? 

Along with the pros, having too much homework brings a few cons. Some of them are mentioned below.

It enforces a sedentary lifestyle

While studying is crucial, physical activity and playtime are equally essential for a child’s upbringing. If students are assigned too much homework by their teachers, they will not make time for other activities, affecting their learning and social development skills. This will lead to a monotonous and sedentary lifestyle. 

Having homework does not guarantee good results

Uncountable surveys have concluded that having daily homework is not at all linked with getting higher academic success. Although practice makes a man perfect, students can still manage to study in the classroom only and get higher grades – quality before quantity. 

Watch this video to understand if having homework is necessary or not:

Wrapping Up

Both pros and cons of teachers giving too much homework are valid. Thus it seems that the question of having too many or no tasks at all does not have a very straightforward answer. Teachers and parents usually favor assigning homework, as it encourages practice, while students have contrary opinions, of course.

However, learning the advantages and disadvantages is essential to find common grounds. After all, the only goal is to make students succeed at the end of the day. 

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