What Do Star Wars Ships Use For Fuel?

It sounds like a silly question, but almost all the Star War fans might have wondered at some point about the enormous ships that were featured in the movie. How did they fuel the Super Star Destroyers? Or the Death Star? The gas bills must be huge! Or do the Star Wars ships not need fuel at all? Let us answer this for you.

Obviously, the huge Star Wars ships run on a fuel called Coaxium. It is a rare hyper matter form, which is mainly used for faster-than-light travels. The hyperdrive reaction chambers of Starships are coated with a thin layer of coaxium, which is energized, thus allowing passage into the hyperspace.

However, the unrefined coaxium is found on worlds such as Kessel and is highly volatile, making it dangerous to transport. 

Let us dive into a few more details about how Star Wars ships are powered. 

Do Star Wars Ships Run On Fuel?

Fuel is a type of material that is used to power vehicles to run. The Starships, like The Ghost, were run by using fuel. A volatile kind of fuel known as Rhydonium was found on the planet Abafar. Kashyyyk, the Wookiee planet, hosted an oil refinery, which was an important location in the battle of Kashyyyk. 

As far as the hyperdrive was concerned, it used to be powered by a thin layer of coaxium coating over it, which allowed it to travel through hyperspace. Using coaxium as fuel was so massive at generating energy that even a tiny amount of it was enough to run a huge Star Wars fleet of ships. 

What Powers The Star Destroyers?

Star destroyers are powered mainly by propulsion systems. Seven major engine units are used to power the Destroyer, which includes Cygnus Spaceworks Gemon-4ion engines, that can accelerate up to the speed of 975 kph. However, the ship was unsuitable for planetary atmospheres that required full power for staying aloft. 

As far as fuel is concerned, the spacecraft and other large structures in Star Wars are powered by the fictional Hypermatter as the most common energy source. However, hyper matter is generally hazardous in organic life because it takes the form of poisonous gases or corrosive liquids. 

Which Engine Does Star Wars Ships Use?

The engines that are used by the Star Wars ships are differentiated into three main categories. Repulsorlifts that require a large mass to push it forward to function. Sublight engines drive the ships at speeds lower than that of light in real space. And hyperdrive engines that run at the same speed as light to propel the ships in hyperspace. 

What Is The Cost Of The Fuel Used In Star Wars?

Star Wars is not officially accurate, as they never showed the ships’ coast but always showed the engines running. However, it will take tons of fuel to power a Star Wars spacecraft. For instance, refilling one day’s worth of energy for a colossal starship will approximately cost about 50 credits. ( 1 kg fuel). 

Watch a video on how Star Destroyers get refueled here:

Now you are well aware of how Star Wars ships run, and can enlighten your friends too!

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