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Is Ubisoft Connect The Same As Uplay?

Is Ubisoft Connect The Same As Uplay?

One of the top publishers of video games, Ubisoft, has made considerable advancements to its online offerings. Gamers have been curious about the connection between Ubisoft Connect and Uplay since the former replaced the latter. Many wonder if Ubisoft Connect is the same as Uplay.

No, Ubisoft Connect and Uplay are not the same thing. Ubisoft Connect is an enhanced version of a digital distribution system and multiplayer service created by the company. It incorporates several Ubisoft services and functionalities, such as cross-platform progression, awards, and social interactions. It acts as a cohesive ecosystem for all Ubisoft players using various devices.

This article compares and contrasts Ubisoft Connect and Uplay, highlighting every system’s features, capabilities, and overall user experiences.

Key Distinctions Between Ubisoft Connect And Uplay

1. Enhanced Capability

Ubisoft Connect goes beyond the game distribution and multiplayer capabilities that Uplay primarily focuses on. It expands into an additional extensive and accessible system for Ubisoft gamers by including cross-platform advancement, awards, and social interactions.

2. Integration With Next-Generation Games From Ubisoft

The next-generation games from Ubisoft are seamlessly compatible with Ubisoft Connect. It seeks to deliver a uniform gaming experience across various gaming platforms to allow gamers to transition amongst devices without losing their powers. This integration demonstrates Ubisoft’s dedication to adapting to the changing video game industry and meeting users’ evolving needs.

3. Name And Branding

The shift from Uplay to Ubisoft Connect reflects Ubisoft’s efforts to rebrand itself and provide its services and goods with a consistent and recognizable character. The platform’s name will now be consistent with the whole Ubisoft brand to forge closer with its user base and prompt community among Ubisoft users.

Uplay: The Original Ubisoft Platform

Ubisoft’s exclusive digital distribution system and multiplayer assistance, Uplay, debuted in 2009. It gave customers access to the cast collaboration of video games Ubisoft offers, enabling them to buy, download, and play them on their PCs. Players could link with others, participate in online communities, and play multiplayer games thanks to Uplay’s multiplayer capabilities.

Everything About Ubisoft Connect

Ubisoft Connect delivers a more thorough and streamlined experience for Ubisoft users, marking the growth of the Uplay platform. Ubisoft Connect delivers a more thorough and simplified interface to Ubisoft users, marking the growth of the Uplay platform.

Cross-Platform Progress And Integrations

Cross-platform advancement is one of the main improvements made by Ubisoft Connect. Players may effortlessly continue their gaming experience with this functionality on various platforms, including PCs, consoles, and even cloud gaming services.

Ubisoft Connect ensures that your gaming progress, accomplishments, and game-specific purchases are synchronized and readily available irrespective of what device you decide to play on, whether you are playing on your PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch.

Rewards And Challenges

A complete rewards system is made available through Ubisoft Connect, encouraging gamers to spend more time playing Ubisoft titles. Gamers can access a variety of incentives, such as special features, in-game products, and even discounts on future purchases, by completing in-game challenges and collecting milestones. 

These prizes may be accumulated and redeemed through the Ubisoft Connect Network, enriching the gaming experience and adding value for gamers.

Communities And Social Relations

The focus of Ubisoft Connect is on networking and participation in the community. Players can interact with others on the site, join or start gaming groups, and participate in various gaming activities.

Ubisoft Connect improves multiplayer gameplay by building social ties, allowing players to compare progress, share accomplishments, and compete against one another for leaderboard positions.

Microsoft Connect For Desktop

The system provides a special desktop program to simplify access to Ubisoft Connect services and their seamless integration. Players may easily access their game collection, friends list, awards, and other Ubisoft services with the Ubisoft Connect desktop app, which acts as a center for all these services. It guarantees a simple and practical experience for managing and starting Ubisoft games.

Ubisoft Connect PC: Installation And Reinstallation

Activate Ubisoft Connect on your PC by:

  • Install Ubisoft Connect PC’s most recent version.
  • Open the installer program you downloaded and run it as an administrator.
  • To finish the installation, adhere to the on-screen directions.

You may install the launcher from there by typing ‘Ubisoft Connect PC’ into the Microsoft Store app’s search bar and choosing ‘Install.’ Once the installation is finished, it is advised that you restart your computer.

Watch this short video to learn how to install Ubisoft Connect on your desktop computer:

How to install Ubisoft connect on your pc

Reinstalling Ubisoft Connect PC requires:

  • Shutting down the launcher while backing up your saved files. 
  • Take Ubisoft Connect PC out of the picture.
  • Please be aware that you can keep or delete the installed games and locally save data when uninstalling the desktop application.
  • From the Ubisoft Connect PC installation directory, remove the Cache folder.
  • The folder can be discovered by default at C: Program Files (x86) Ubisoft Game Launcher.
  • To reinstall Ubisoft Connect PC, adhere to the installation instructions given above. 

Ubisoft Connect Loyalty Program

By finishing and gaining Ubisoft Connect XP, you can raise the level of your Ubisoft Account. Your ability to level up and gain CP increases the more you play. Each level will grant you units, which you can use to purchase exclusive rewards during your games.

To level up, you must have 500 Ubisoft Connect XP. You gain units each time you level up in Ubisoft Connect: 10 units every level, 20 units every fifth level, and 50 units every tenth level.

The growth of Ubisoft’s network of solutions, Ubisoft Connect, enhances the legacy of Ubisoft Club and Uplay. The latest releases and live games will be compatible with the Ubisoft Connect loyalty program.

Ubisoft has decided not to use the challenge system in its older games. However, they have granted all gamers free access to more than 1000 awards. As a result, users can take advantage of various new features and updates without finishing challenges.

Remember that when Ubisoft Club morphs into Ubisoft Connect, it still exists. In Ubisoft Connect, you retain your current Club Unit and XP balance. 

Ubisoft Connect Challenges

They enable you to accumulate in-game money, Ubisoft Connect XP, and other goodies. The following are the two different Ubisoft Connect challenges:

  • Core
  • Time-limited

Core challenges are in-game tasks that track your performance and can be finished to highlight your accomplishments. They offer Ubisoft Connect XP, which can be finished whenever you like. All Ubisoft games that work with Ubisoft Connect contain these tasks. Visit the list of core challenges for your games to find these challenges.

On the contrary, time-limited challenges offer fresh in-game tasks to complete and are updated frequently. They include things you need to accomplish personally, things you can do in the community, and memorable occasions. You can gain Ubisoft Connect XP, in-gaming money, and special gifts that are only accessible for a short while by completing these challenges.

Visit the time-limited challenges section for your game to find these difficult tasks. Time-limited challenges are available for a limited time, during which you can advance and finish them. After completing a challenge, visit the time-limited challenges list for your game and click the ‘Collect’ button to gather all associated awards.


Uplay and Ubisoft Connect are not the same thing. Ubisoft Connect builds on the features of Uplay, which acts as a digital distribution platform and multiplayer service and provides a complete gaming experience.

Ubisoft Connect seeks to unite Ubisoft gamers and offer a consistent ecosystem across numerous platforms with its cross-platform progression, rewards system, and emphasis on social interactions.

Ubisoft Connect marks a significant advancement in improving the player experience and adjusting to the shifting landscape of the game business as Ubisoft continues to develop its online services.