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How To Enable The Soundboard on Discord?

How To Enable The Soundboard on Discord?

Discord has released a soundboard function that allows you to play unique audio clips in voice chats. It has gradually rolled out its soundboard feature to select users for testing. As a result, many users want to know how to make Discord’s soundboard feature available.

Open the Discord app, join the voice channel, then select the options button to enable and switch on “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority.” To add a new key bind and designate a sound file, return to the voice channel, click “user settings,” then choose the “key binds” tab.

This post will detail this brand-new Discord feature and discuss how to activate the soundboard.

What Hype Is Surrounding The Soundboard Feature? 

A speech channel feature called soundboard enables you to play a brief audio clip that can be heard by all users connected to the same voice channel. Soundboard is a way to express yourself and respond to the dialogue on the voice channel or the GO Live stream, much like Reactions and Super Reactions.

Server Boost Soundboard

For server users to begin using the soundboard, servers come with eight preloaded sound slots. With server boosting, extra slots can be unlocked depending on the server’s tier level.

How To Use a Soundboard?

Here’s how to activate the Discord’s soundboard feature:

  • Go to a server and join the voice channel you want to use
  • Pull up the channel when you’re in the voice channel to see everyone’s avatars. A music icon should be visible in the bottom left corner if the soundboard is turned on. Clicking the icon will launch the soundboard. A person in the channel who is deaf won’t hear the sound play.
  • By tapping the soundboard is active, you can play any currently available sound by hovering over it and pressing the play button. Everyone in the room will hear the sound when you press the button. You can also select the star icon to favorite a sound or to preview a sound and only play for yourself if you find a sound you like.

How To Upload New Sounds To The Servers Soundboards?

When the soundboard pane is open, click the Add sound button to add additional sounds. Please remember that you must ensure that any sounds you submit comply with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, including that they do not violate the intellectual property rights of others.

How To Give Or Remove Soundboard Permissions?

You can allow or disable the Use Soundboard permission for particular roles or server members to control who can use Soundboard on your server. You can control this server-wide by navigating to Server Settings, selecting the roles tab, choosing the appropriate role you wish to change, and switching the Use Soundboard permission. 

Additionally, you may control this for specific speech channels by selecting Edit Channel for the vice channel you want to manage, heading to the permissions tab, choosing the server member or role whose permissions you wish to change, and switching the use Soundboard permission on and off.

How To Manage Sounds For Soundboard In A Server?

Go to server settings> soundboard to control the existing soundboard on your server. There, you may update or delete any sounds that are currently listed. You can also delete any currently uploaded sounds by clicking the “X” icon next to a sound.

Users with managed Expressions access enabled for their role can only change or delete custom sounds from server settings> Roles, where you can enable or disable it for each role under permissions.

Users must have the Create Expressions access enabled for their role to add unique sounds to a server. Go to Server Settings > Roles, where you can enable or disable it for each role under permissions. However, remember that Discord is still testing permissions; not everyone has access to the new permissions just yet.

How To Change The Volume Or Opt Out For Soundboard?

Please navigate to User Setting>Voice & Video > Soundboard > Soundboard Volume to set the slider to the desired volume to change the volume of hearing Soundboard Sounds. All devices will sync with this setting. You won’t hear any sounds if the volume is 0%.

Watch this video to learn how to use soundboard on Discord:

How To Use Soundboard On Discord | Best Soundboard For Discord – Full Guide

Customizing Your Soundboard

After configuring your soundboard to your preferences, you can add your touches. Using most soundboard tools, you may personalize your soundboard with your preferred memes, quotes, or sounds by uploading your sound clips.

Launching the soundboard app and looking for the option is the first step in adding a new sound clip to your soundboard. Select the audio file you want to include when you see this choice. Most soundboard apps support audio file formats, including MP3, WAV, and FLAC.

Label the slip after selecting the audio file, and if desired, connect it to hockey. Playing the sound clip during a chat on a Discord Voice channel will be less difficult. In conclusion, save the brand-new audio slip to your soundboard.

This process should be repeated to provide your soundboard with all the desired audio samples. This feature may make using your soundboard during a debate more entertaining by allowing you to add your favorite memes and savings. Or sound to it.


With Discord’s soundboard function, you may play brief audio snippets in voice chats for everyone in the same voice channel to hear. Select users have been given access to the capability, which may be activated by logging into a voice channel, going to the settings page, and selecting “Enable Quality Of Service High Packet Priority.”

Most Soundboard apps allow you to add clips and customize your soundboard with your preferred memes, quotes, or sounds. You can allow or disable Soundboard permission for particular roles or server members to control who can use Soundboard on your server.

With this new feature, Discord has improved its communication platform and provided a fun way to converse with others in audio conversations.