Do Video Games Make You Tired?

Playing video games is extremely fun and it can make you completely lose track of time. However, if you have to wake up early the next day or have to get some work done, video games can lower your productivity. So, do video games make you tired as well?

Yes, playing excessive video games can make you tired, and even deprive you of a healthy amount of sleep. This is especially common in students that love playing video games all the time. 

Now that we’ve established that video games make you tired, let’s discuss all the major reasons why this happens in the section below.

Lack of Sleep

If you are someone who has been playing video games for a long time, you’ll know for sure that there have been countless nights where you could have slept early. However, when you’re playing League of Legends with friends, that “one more match” can last for a long time.

Before you know it, the sun is up and you need to get ready to go to school or work in a few hours. Playing excess video games – especially at night – will cause sleep deprivation and make you feel tired all the time.

Low Energy

People often love playing games with their friends online. Whether you are doing a raid in Destiny 2 or are exploring the world of Elden Ring with your friends, it can be extremely draining and tiring. You are fully focused on the screen and what’s going on in the game that you spend all your energy there.

After you are done playing, you’ll notice that you are spent mentally. This is because all your focus was on the game and after being done, you cannot focus on another thing. Due to this, you also have low overall energy and can seem gloomy to other people.

You Played a Game That Made You Rage

We’ve all been there, you know what we are talking about. There comes a time in every gamer’s life when they rage uncontrollably. Whether that’s because of bad teammates, lag, or dying continuously to an enemy – especially in Dark Souls. Getting angry is extremely bad not only for your health but also for your mental well-being.

If you stay angry at a game for a longer duration, your mind will be absolutely exhausted and you will need a break. After taking a break, you won’t want to do anything else other than rest.

Physical Video Games Can Be Exhausting

There are many games like “WiiSports” or “Just Dance” that require you to actively play them. These games can be physically exhausting. After playing them, you won’t want to do any other activity. In short, these types of games can leave you extremely tired.


Playing video games can be extremely tiring especially if you have been playing for a longer duration or are playing a game that requires excessive concentration. We suggest taking a break every now and then to cool off, and give your mind and eyes some rest.

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