Can Two Basketballs Fit In A Single Hoop?

While many websites claim that two WNBA balls may fit through the hoop together, this is false. Let’s look at the numbers to discover why. The diameter of a WNBA ball is 9 inches. Therefore, two balls measure 18 inches or exactly the diameter of a regulation rim. However, adding the circumferences of both – 56.5 inches for the hoop and 29 inches for each WNBA ball – eliminates the possibility of two balls fitting into the rim together.

That implies two WNBA balls have the same diameter as the hoop, which is 18 inches. However, the circumference of two WNBA balls is 57 inches, whereas the hoop’s circumference is just 56.5 inches. This makes fitting both balls at the same time statistically impossible.

The circumference of a children’s basketball is 27.5 inches. Multiply that by two to obtain 55 inches, which is an inch and a half less than the standard hoop’s 56.5-inch size.

Most kids lack the athletic ability to dunk a pair of balls together and will never have to worry about this, but it may come in useful if you’re playing knockout and your ball barely makes it in before your opponent’s.

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Why Do Basketball Rim Measurements Matter?

Why did we spend so much time on this subject if circumstances like two balls entering the rim at the same moment are so rare? The main reason is that it demonstrates how much space there is for a basketball in a hoop.

As a shooter, your greatest chance is to place as much arc – how high you fire the ball – under it as feasible. Knowing that two basketballs can almost fit inside the rim together gives you a sense of your margin for error as a player.

The more arc you add to your shot, the better the angle at which it penetrates the rim. Your margin of error is virtually zero while shooting a line drive at the rim. But how about a great high-arcing shot? You can miss by a couple of inches long or short and still make the shot.

Double And Single Rim Basketball Hoops 

Due to their superior resistance to the environment, double-rim basketball hoops are the norm on outdoor basketball courts. With rain, sleet, snow, wind, and other outside circumstances, a single rim would not endure as long as a double rim. 

The double rim is more resistant to weather and can sustain severe action, such as basketball players hanging from the rim on a slam dunk. Single-room hoops are common in settings such as an indoor gym or in your driveway. 

Because the single rim is not as robust as the double rim, it is simpler to get the basketball into the hoop when shooting. Aside from the single ring being easier to obtain, the biggest difference is the price. A double-ring hoop will always cost more than a single-rim hoop.

When playing a pick-up game with a double rim, your shooting skills may diminish, which might demoralize a strong shooter. Because the thickness of the edge is evident, your shooting percentage may decrease when playing basketball on a double-rim hoop rather than a single-rim hoop.

A soft layup using the backboard on a breakaway, for example, may bounce off the double rim, causing it to miss the hoop. The same thing may happen with a bank shot that rattles around the rim but does not go in. It may appear like the only way to get the ball through the hoop is to create a perfect arc that goes in as a swish at times.

Does the NBA Use a Double Rim Hoop?

The NBA used a single-rim Gared Snap Back Goal from 1985 to 2009. Since 2010, the NBA has employed a double-edged Spalding Arena Pro 180 goal. This double rim features a 180-degree breakaway, which means it can withstand NBA players’ tremendous dunks.

NBA players must have impeccable form when shooting to make a basket with a double rim. Any error on a shot with the double rim may not result in a score. According to Journal Now, the NBA requirement for a rim is 20-35% absorption, which implies that inaccurate shots may not be scored.

Is It Good to Play Basketball on Double Rim?

Playgrounds and other sorts of outdoor public courts frequently have double rims. Double rims are chosen because they are stronger and can withstand the weather better. Their strength also prevents the rim from being bent due to high-impact play and players hanging on the rims.

A double rim has significantly less give because of its thickness, and some believe that the thickness of the rim can force shots from certain angles to bounce out of the basket instead of going in. As a result, most players believe that shooting on a double rim is significantly more difficult.

Because a double rim is twice as thick as a conventional rim, it catches the ball more frequently on shots that enter the basket at a lower angle. This happens when the ball appears to be about to enter the basket and then catches the inside of the rim, bounces about, and ultimately exits the hoop.

Because a double rim is sturdier than a single rim and has very little give, a shooter must use more touch to get the majority of shots to go in. Even for a layup on a double rim, a player will learn to softly toss the ball up rather than throwing the ball up at full power.

While a double rim might make it difficult for your shots to fall, it will help you improve and perfect your shooting form by requiring you to put more of an arc on your shot and have a better touch.


The long-held belief that two basketballs may fit within the same rim has been refuted. It’s fine, though, because basketball isn’t played with two balls. However, the knowledge may still be used to your advantage as you hunt for suggestions on how to become a better shot.

Increasing the arc beneath your shot will only increase your chances of success. We may be more confident in our shot now that we know the rim is nearly the size of two balls.

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