Are Weighted Basketballs Good? Important Facts

A weighted basketball is one that weighs three pounds, or twice as much as a regular basketball. That may not sound like a lot, but try dribbling, passing, and shooting while carrying double the weight of your usual basketball. Are they really good?

Yes, weighted basketballs are ideal for professional games. Practicing the game using weighted basketballs, handling, passing, shooting, and dribbling increases your muscle strength, hand to eye coordination, and bounce pass allows you to resist the attacks/throws using your body. 

Professionals often play with weighted basketballs. Have you ever wondered why that is? The following are some facts about weighted basketballs that make them better than other options. 

Weighted Basketballs Improve Overall Strength

Basketball routines using a standard weighted ball will strengthen the muscles required for effective ball-handling and shooting. Adding a weighted ball to the equation will just increase the strength required to be strong with the ball in game scenarios. 

Due to the added weight, your forearms, hands, and shoulders will begin to gain muscle faster, allowing you to become better with the ball and more competitive on the court.

Weighted Balls Improve Passing and Control

Many players do not place as much emphasis on passing basics as they should, and it shows when they commit errors that cost their team. Passing the ball properly with a weighted ball allows you to correctly make passes to your team with proper form, resulting in improved agility and precision.

 These fundamental passing routines are strengthened when a weighted ball is used and should not be overlooked in your training regimen.

Weighted Basketballs Improve Your Aim and Shot

Using a weighted ball during shooting training will help you expand your shooting range. By utilizing the weighted ball in your normal shooting drills, you will become used to shooting with a heavy ball, giving you a better range when you revert during games.

Weighted Basketballs Make Dribbling Easier

Effectively performing dribbling routines with a weighted basketball can increase your confidence and skills, since the extra weight will strengthen the muscles used to dribble. When you return to using a conventional weight ball during sports, your coordination will improve as well. 

The weighted ball just adds to the endurance and control you will get from performing this circuit on a regular basis. Plenty of NBA players practice and play the game using weighted balls. It improves the ball handling, passing, dribbling, and shooting skills of professional players. 

The aforementioned facts help us understand the benefits of using a weighted ball. 


Weighted basketballs will assist you in improving your game and go from decent to exceptional in a short amount of time. One learns how to bounce passes and send and receive balls off the court. The increased resistance may drive you to engage your arms more, therefore strengthening these core muscles. Weighted basketballs are important for professional feats. 

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