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Why Is Joker So Obsessed With Batman?

Why Is Joker So Obsessed With Batman?

The Joker is usually considered one of Batman’s greatest enemies. Joker is psychotically obsessed with Gotham’s greatest hero, as he wants Batman to be entirely devoted and focused on him, viewing him (Joker) as his greatest threat. This bizarre obsession of the Joker with Batman has driven this relationship forward, and The Caped Crusader has even stated that the Joker is secretly in love with him. 

But what is the reason behind this insane obsession? The answer is that both the characters are incredibly similar to each other. Each of them portrays a mirror image of one another, except for a single difference that Batman possesses one quality that the Joker does not, and that is Batman still has a moral compass and a good side. 

Let us dive into the elaboration of Joker’s obsession with Batman. Keep reading the article below. 

Times When Joker Proved That He Loved Batman

Both the characters might be 360 degrees opposite to each other, but you know what they say about being opposite, right? Exactly. Here are some times when Joker actually proved that he was in love with his greatest enemy, Batman. 

The Killing Joke -Laughing Together

The Killing Joke is where the Joker is at his most dastardly. Despite the terrible fiendishness occurring when Batman finally beats Joker in the end, he still extended a loving hand towards him, saying, “I do not want to hurt you. You need not be alone.” This made the Joker laugh heartily, being in his happiest moment. Didn’t you see the obsession coming out here? 

Catwoman # 14 -Joker Admits His Love For Batman

Didn’t you think it was all out of his obsession when Joker removed his entire face to wear it as a mask to kidnap Batman’s family? Basically, Joker’s endgame in Death Of The Family was to kill each and every ally of Batman, as he thought they made him weak. The most obvious point where Joker openly admitted being in love with Batman was when Catwoman and he argued about who loved Batman the most by saying, “Of course! Isn’t that obvious?”

You Complete Me -The Dark Knight

Another example of Joker’s obsession is the iconic scene in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, in which Batman asks Joker why he wants to kill him, and he replies, “I do not want to kill you, what would I do without you? You complete me.” 

Watch this video how Joker has saved Batman’s life so many times, proving his obsession:


In short, both Batman and Joker are insane and consumed by their personal neuroses and traumas, making them emotionally incomplete. While Joker admits his obsession with Batman, Batman has always been stubborn about his feelings. Joker loves Batman so much because he finds Batman exactly the same as him, except for one fact that the Joker could not comprehend. He does not know why with all that power, insanity, determination, and hatred, Batman still wanted to fight because of his good side and morals. Maybe, this single opposite trait attracts Joker to Batman this much! Do you agree?