Does UPS Take USPS Packages?

More than 30,000 postal facilities are owned and operated by UPSP. You might only sometimes be able to leave your package in any of them. Because of this, many people who utilize the USPS service wonder whether they can drop off their mail at UPS or not.

UPS accepts USPS package drop-offs. You can also deliver UPS shipments to USPS, but doing so is not advised because there is a chance that they won’t be properly scanned, and you won’t be able to track them.

Thousands of people have faith in the USPS system. However, UPS has also gained popularity recently because of its reliable delivery services nationwide. So how will dropping off USPS parcels at UPS facilities operate then? Read this article to get every important detail.

How Can You Drop Off USPS At UPS?

You can leave your USPS package at your neighborhood UPS drop-off spot, and the USPS courier will pick it up and drop it at the USPS. Most UPS locations happily accept USPS packages as a complimentary, no-cost service. 

However, remember that the choice ultimately rests with the facility in question if you intend to leave the package there at the UPS facility. 

It might only have enough space to hold your goods once the courier arrives, or the employers might have previously encountered issues with this drop-off form. When in doubt, contacting the relevant UPS office is recommended to find a solution.

Do UPS packages Get Accepted By USPS?

You can drop off UPS packages at your neighborhood post office or another USPS site, just like you can leave USPS packages at UPS. The UPS courier will collect the main packages addressed to UPS, which frequently stops by that site and delivers to the nearby UPS facility. 

Nevertheless, remember that the correct labels and stamps must be used for the item, regardless of whether you want to deliver it personally to a USPS office or select a different drop-off location, such as a USPS mailbox.

Can You Drop Off USPS Returns At UPS?

People who want to return a USPS package to the sender might also question if they can do so at a UPS location. Fortunately, it is possible for people who find UPS offices to be more convenient drop-off locations.

For instance, if you bought something online with a problem, you could return it to the realtor and get a refund. Before you receive your money back, the return package must be sent back to the sender. 

Once you leave the package at the UPS facility, it won’t be scanned. Thus, it may need to be included, costing you both your money and the goods you ordered. Even though it doesn’t happen frequently, there is always a chance. It would be very helpful if you decided whether you would accept it. 

Is UPS A Place Where You Can Drop Off USPS Boxes?

UPS can be used as a drop-off point for complete packages and mail. Your USPS-labeled boxes can be left at the UPS location, where a USPS courier will pick them up and deliver them to the closest USPS location. 

However, a box must adhere to the USPS requirements to deliver minimum and maximum package sizes. Any container will fit the minimum size requirement, but you must ensure your shipment stays within the permitted package size. 

Since USPS will charge you more for oversized shipments, most packages’ overall girth and length should be 130 inches. However, regardless of the size of a mailpiece, the maximum weight of a package must be under 70 pounds. 

Dropping Off Packages Paid For By USPS At UPS

You can make payments through the United States Postal Service’s website and physical locations, but not when you want to drop a USPS shipping label, an address label that has been printed or typed and has already been postpaid.

Correctly Label USPS Packages

Ensure a shipment is labeled correctly so there are no issues after you drop it off at the UPS. Each package must include the following:

  • Anybody can understand a delivery address if it is printed or typed and includes the city, state, and ZIP code,
  • Your return address must be written or printed on the upper left corner of the package on the same side as the delivery address.
  • USPS tracking or signature confirmation labels should be positioned to the left of the delivery address label.
  • On the USPS website, postage can be purchased.
  • Place labels for additional services above the delivery address and on the right side of the return address.

Find out which service delivers your package first in this video:

UPS vs. USPS: Which packages arrive first when sent simultaneously? Here’s what we found.

Is A UPS Drop Box A Place To Drop Off USPS?

It should not be surprising that you can leave your USPS package at the UPS facility as you can do the same with the UPS drop box. 

The UPS courier should deliver your package to the UPS storage facility in the ideal scenario. Once they notice that it has a USPS label, they will dispatch the box to the appropriate delivery service. 

A shipment can take much longer to be transported this way, and there is no guarantee that it will arrive at the intended place.

However, remember that there are some things you need to consider if you have evaluated the dangers and chosen to pursue this course. You will first encounter some size limitations because your package must be tiny enough to fit through the box slop. The most extensive package you may deliver in this manner is 16” X13” X3”.

Before inserting the parcel inside the box, you must apply the proper postage. Finally, be aware that UPS is not liable if something happens to your package and it disappears. 

Is A UPS Access Point A Place To Drop Off USPS?

In reality, UPS Access Point facilities are neighborhood shops that act as locations for receiving and delivering packages. All parties involved benefit from the agreement. First, clients can pick up and drop off products at nearby companies. 

Additionally, it encourages more people to use UPS services, increasing foot traffic to the UPS Access Point location and revenue. 

Since these companies only work with hUPS, they are not required to accept packages intended for the other company, so there is a reasonable probability that your parcel will be taken elsewhere. Even if they decide to assist you and receive the package, it will still be subject to all the dangers above. 


You can typically leave your USPS-labeled package at UPS offices and other sites, and it will be delivered to the appropriate business from there. Nevertheless, be aware that the specific UPS office can refuse the package from the other firm. 

However, if you select this option, you must be ready to accept the risks of a parcel going missing and the drawbacks of elated arrival. Decide if the benefits of leaving the USPS package at your UPS drop-off site outweigh the disadvantages by carefully weighing your options.

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