Is Slow Charging Better for a Phone Battery?

Nowadays, every mobile phone comes with a fast charger that can charge your battery within minutes or in an hour or so. Gone are the days when you would have to wait for hours to get your battery percentage to 100%. However, is slow charging better for a phone battery? 

Yes, slow charging is better for a phone’s battery life. While the advantages of fast charging are greater, it will inevitably damage your phone’s battery and shorten its lifespan. 

Now that we’ve established that slow charging is better for a phone battery, let’s discuss why that is the case in the next section.

Batteries Get Damaged Under Stress

One of the biggest reasons why modern smartphones tend to have poor batteries is because of fast charging. When you plug in your mobile device, it will charge extremely fast, but as a result, it will also put more stress on the battery.

Not only stress, but more heat is also generated. The more the battery is exposed to this heat, the quicker it will get damaged. That is why slow charging is safer for your phone, albeit it takes a long time – hence, the name. If you compare two phones but use a fast charger on one and a slow one on the other, the latter will have longer battery life.

How Much Difference Does it Make?

Well, the next question you’ll be asking is how much of a difference will it make if you use a slow charger. The answer to this question is that it will make a decent difference on the battery. If you continuously use a slow charger, your battery will last for months, if not years longer than if you use a fast charger.

On the other hand, using a slow charger can feel like an eternity. Ever since people got used to fast chargers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to move back to “traditional chargers”. Plus, most people either change their phones after 2-3 years or get their phone’s battery replaced if its health is low.

Check out this video to find out the difference in the charging time between a fast charger and a slow one: 

Is Fast Charging Dangerous?

Using a fast charger isn’t necessarily dangerous. There is a widespread myth that a phone’s battery will get damaged if it stays plugged in after reaching 100%. However, that cannot be further from the truth. Nowadays, smartphones have a mechanism built in them that allows them to stop charging once they reach 100%.

However, when the percentage drops back down to 99 or 98%, the charging will begin again. So, keeping it plugged in while you sleep at night isn’t a bad idea anymore. However, the battery will remain under stress whenever it is fast charging which can be bad.


People are still divided about whether or not they should use a fast charger or a slow one. Since newer smartphones have enhanced batteries, they will not be affected by a fast charger because they are made while keeping that in mind. 

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