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Is Pride And Prejudice A Good Book?

Is Pride And Prejudice A Good Book?

Jane Austen’s famous novel Pride and Prejudice has enthralled readers for decades. The work, which was published in 1813, examines topics including love, marriage, and social status. And the place of women in society.

Pride and Prejudice, in particular, is one of Jane Austen’s works that is humorous and full of wit. Her understanding of social class and restrictions on both men and women is unmatched. You’ll want to read Pride and Prejudice again and over again.

We will look at the factors that make Pride and Prejudice a good book in this essay.

Reasons Why Pride And Prejudice Is Worth A Read

1. Humor And Wittiness

It’s truly what you’ve heard: Jane Austen’s humor is one of the book’s distinguishing features. Elizabeth is extremely intelligent and doesn’t hesitate to humiliate others who are less intelligent than her. She chastises her sister Jane over her crush on Bingley at one point, saying, Well, he definitely is extremely agreeable, and I give you license to like him. I think you’re too joyful and too inclined to just see the good in others. You have admired plenty of fools.

Following that, Mr. Collins, Elizabeth’s cousin, proposes to her despite being a terrible tool and, therefore, stealing the entire comic scenario. As she refuses him, you can practically hear her laughing to herself.

He misreads the situation, believing that she is merely being evasive. And that refusal is occasionally given a second or even third chance. Because of this, I am in no way deterred by what you just said, and I anticipate soon leading you to the other side.

2. The Book Was Beyond Its Time

The fact that this novel is so feminist is just one of its many wonderful aspects. People adore that the protagonist, Elizabeth, makes decisions concerning her love life in this novel despite the fact that she ought to have been considering everyone else. She refuses to change because of their intimidation.

Even if her mother’s hysterical behavior is hilarious and annoying on paper, it doesn’t make her change her opinion of Mr.Collins or Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth is empowered by her own decisions, which she makes.

The book is quite clear in describing the historical events, the need for women to marry for financial reasons, and the rarity of good marriages. The book is clearly about marriage and romance because those topics were given so much attention. The straightforward writing style is what readers adore the most, humorous because it essentially depicts the entire community turning against an introvert.

3. The Opening Exposition Scene Is Well Done

The history of how and when the English zombie uprising took place is kind of complicated. The majority of it is explained in a smart montage during the opening credits rather than trying to shoehorn it into awkward explanatory dialogue throughout the entire film.

If you haven’t yet read the book but are looking forward to it, then this video is for you:


4. The Zombies Are Pretty Creepy 

All of the zombies in P & Z are created as realistically as possible, some using makeup and others with computer graphics. They are more than merely rotting set decorations. They adhere rather closely to the mythology and rules associated with them.

5. Mr. Darcys Leather Coat 

Mr.Darcy is a commanding, melancholy, and imposing type of attractive love interest. However, this iteration also gets to have a snazzy, leather-clad, bad boy-type, attractive love interest. It functions for him.

6. Lydia Is Not Nearly As Annoying As Usual

Lydia has consistently been the most unpleasant of the five Bennet sisters to read about or watch. She is inexperienced, vapid, and naive, and she gets away with idiotic things only because Jane Austen wasn’t severe enough to hand her the punishment she probably completely totally deserved. However, in this version, she is much less of an obnoxious youngster and appears to truly learn the life skills she needs to become a better person.

7. Matt Smith As Mr. Collins

Matt Smith portrays Mr. Collins, the guy from the film in question, with exceptional talent, and his performance enthralls the audience. Smith, who won acclaim for his portrayal of the Doctor in the hit television series Doctor Who furthers his reputation as an audience favorite by outperforming himself as Mr.Collins.

Mr. Collins has been played by a number of performers in the past, but Smith’s interpretation stands out. Smith lends a distinctive vitality to the part of Mr Collins as opposed to playing him as an uninteresting and unpleasant person or as someone with flighty but appealing characteristics. He gives the role a narcissistic disposition, a simpering demeanor, and a wonderful sense of humor that comes through even when he is rejected or making silly remarks in front of a renowned company.

Mr.Collins is portrayed by Smith in a compelling manner. His charismatic presence on television readily commands attention, giving the spectator moments of pure joy. Smith’s portrayal is dazzling and captivating throughout, even when he experiences setbacks in his search for a suitable marriage or when having entertaining conversations with powerful people.

8. Lena Headey As Lady Catherine

Lady Catherine is typically plain dreadful. She is unpleasant, conceited, and preoccupied dictating how others shield their lives while omitting to live her own. She’s still extremely bad in P&P&Z, but she also has a ninja army at her disposal that she regularly sends after Lizzie (both before and after Lizzie became engaged to Mr. Darcy).

She still comes across as quite haughty and self-centered in this movie adaptation, but she is prepared to recognize Lizzie’s strengths as a fighter and a woman. In addition, she assists when zombies take over the country and let those she considers inferior seek sanctuary in her home.

9. Lizzie’s Initial Rejection Of Mr Darcy 

The first thing Dr. Darcy suggests to Lizzie Bennet is not very good. He calls her, her family, and himself names for feeling the way he does for her. When she rejects him, he is shocked and enraged. He is truly in love with her, but she still views him as an ass. Thus, it is never an emotionally pleasant scenario to observe between them.

When Lizzie decides to reply to Mr. Darcy’s terrible proposal with some overt physical assault, this rejection is taken up a level or two. She strikes him with weapons, tosses books, breaks furniture, and rips parts of his clothes apart. Even if it’s violent, it’s still satisfying.

10. The Storyline Moves A Long Fair Quickly 

In the P & P original version, time moves slowly. There is a significant portion of it devoted to waiting for fascinating things to happen while sitting, conversing, sewing, or playing musical instruments. And while it could be an accurate depiction of what women went through at the time, it doesn’t always make for compelling viewing.


Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice is still a classic and fascinating piece of literature. The book is a riveting read thanks to Austen’s razor-sharp wit, feminist ideas, and acute observations of society.

The book’s continuing appeal is further increased by the film version, which is described in this article and features outstanding performances, especially from Mth Smith as Mr. Collins. Pride and Prejudice never ceases to enthrall readers and viewers, whether through its humor, social commentary, or compelling plot.