How Long Does It Take To Make A CGI Film?

From our favorite Disney and Pixar movies to some of the most thrilling shots in The MCU, they all use CGI technology to make their films. We get to enjoy the end results but ever wonder how much time and effort goes into these films we love so much? 

The time it takes to make a CGI movie depends on the product’s scale, the movie’s length, and the budget. Typically, it takes around 6-8 months to develop the storyline and the script before production has even begun. Once that is done, it might take 1-4 years for the whole film to be made. An average of two years are invested in getting the screenplay and animation as precise and accurate as possible. 

Filmmakers always make last-minute changes and strive for perfection, which obviously increases production time. 

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Why Do CGI Films Take So Long To Make?

Spending a few years to make a single two-hour movie sounds like alot, but there are reasons why it takes so long.

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CGI Animation Itself Is A Time-Consuming Process

CGI animation involves specific steps that require intensive hours of labor. The animators first need to develop a model and then focus on different aspects of it, such as texturing, rigging, and rendering, to make it look more realistic.

It takes at least 24 hours to render just one frame, and there are 24 frames in one second of a film. This means it would take 400 years to render a full 100-minute movie. The use of machinery and technology reduces that period, but it still takes about a year to render the characters and scenes. 

 Rigging focuses on all the little movements in a scene; it helps add more of a realistic effect. Rigging and texturing a 2-minute video will take about 15 days; you can do the math for a 2-hour film.

Time Goes Into The Storywriting Process

Making a CGI film takes more than just getting the animation right. If you invest so much in CGI technology, you must have a strong storyline with developed characters. 

The writing process can take from a few months to a few years, depending on the story writers. 

What Factors Impact How Long It takes?

Smaller budget movies or movies that are shorter would consume less time than longer or high budget films. 

The amount of tech experts and laborers you have on set also plays a role in determining the speed. A large part of the time duration depends on how fast your team can get the work done and the level of perfection the filmmaker is aiming for.  

The Conclusion 

The standard time for developing a CGI film is at least a few years. This time frame includes copywriting and animation development. 

Any variation in the time frame results from several other variables, and they differ from film to film. 

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