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How Do I Find The Correct Tire Pressure For My Car?

How Do I Find The Correct Tire Pressure For My Car?

A long drive or even a short one can prove to be highly relaxing. Driving is the go-to detox method for many people, but it always feels terrible when the car ride does not go as smoothly as planned because of flat tires. This is why it’s crucial to ensure that your car’s tire pressure is always correct.

The required tire pressure of a newly purchased car is typically listed on a sticker inside the driver’s door. If it’s not there, it’s generally found in the car’s manual, and a quick overview can help you locate it. For greater precision, you can always seek counselling and advice from the manufacturer of the car or the company you are purchasing the car from. 

The internet is also a great resource. The standard tire pressure for most cars is 32-35psi when they are cold. 

Keep reading ahead to learn about car tire pressures and why they are essential. 

What Is The Tire Pressure Of A Car?

The tire pressure of the car is the amount of air pressure inside the tire. It is usually measured in PSI which stands for pressure per square inch. The minimum amount of pressure is needed to support your vehicle at its maximum load. It can also be measured in kilopascals. 

Why Is The Tire Pressure Of A Car Important?

You should not take your car’s tire pressure lightly for several reasons. Having the wrong tire pressure can result in serious issues for you and your vehicle.

Before you read on, you can watch this video for more detail on why the tire inflation matters so much

Low Tire Pressure Can Cause Accidents

A low tire pressure means that there will be more friction between the road and the tires of your vehicle. More friction generates more heat, which can cause more wear and tear. This is what results in accidents on the road because there can be a tire explosion. 

A High Tire Pressure Can Be Uncomfortable

If your tire pressure is too high, then your car ride is likely to be more bouncy and less smooth. This is because less of the tire will actually touch the ground. High tire pressure makes the car ride uncomfortable for all the passengers involved.

The Tires Won’t Last Long.

If the tire pressure is improper, there will likely be more wear and tear, reducing the tire lifespan. Each time the tire wears out, you will have to spend money purchasing a new one, which is an unnecessary burden to carry.

Improper Tire Pressure Has An Impact On Fuel

Vehicles that don’t have the correct tire pressure often use up more fuel to keep them moving. Having the right tire pressure can improve fuel mileage by up to 3%.

How Do We Check Tire Pressure?

Now that we know how important tire pressure is, it is important to learn to check it from time to time to ensure that there are no issues. Tire pressure can be checked using a tire pressure gauge, an air compressor, or even a pen/paper and your phone. There are specific steps that you need to follow.

The First Step Is To Make Sure The Vehicle Is Cold

Heat causes the tire’s pressure to increase more, which might impact the measurements. It is best to ensure that the car has had a night to cool down before the tire pressure is checked.

The Reading Should Be Checked With A Guage

The valve cup needs to be unscrewed, and then the tire gauge is pressed onto the valve stem until the hissing disappears. After this is done, the reading shows up. When the reading shows up, you need to note it down.

Fill The Tires To The Recommended PSI And Check Again

The tire can be filled using an air compressor if you want to do it yourself. You can also always take it to be filled by a professional; Once the tire is filled, it should be left to cool down for a bit before the pressure is checked again.

What To Do If You Have To Fill Hot Tires?

If you are ever in a situation where you must fill tires that are already hot, then the tires should be filled 3-4psi above the requirement. That is because a hot tire is likely to show more pressure because heat causes the air inside to expand, which increases the pressure. 

How Do We Maintain Proper Tire Inflation?

The only way to maintain proper tire inflation is to check it regularly. It is important that you check the inflation every thirty days. If you feel that there is something uneven when you are driving, the tire pressure needs to be checked as soon as possible.

How Much Does A Tire Refill Cost?

Tire refills are not that expensive and generally cost three to ten dollars depending on the size of the tire and the vehicle that is being filled. A nitrogen filling is a little more expensive but lasts longer and is more efficient. 

How Much Pressure Does A Truck Tyre Need? 

Truck tires need more pressure than car tires, but the amount needed ranges from 116-131psi and depends heavily on the size of the vehicle, its weight, and the size of the truck itself.

What Is The tire Pressure Needed By A Bike?

Depending on your bike, the tire pressure needed ranges from 40-80psi. The bigger and heavier the vehicle is, the more tire pressure is required to function smoothly.

The Bottom Line

Tire pressures are essential to ensure the safety, longevity, and comfort of your travelling experience. If they are not regularly checked and maintained, the tire may not be able to do it’s function efficiently and this can cause inconvenience. It can also be very dangerous. Luckily, information related to the tire pressure requirements of your vehicle are easily available and the process itself is simple.