Why Does Loki Hate Thor? Marvel Story Explained

Whether you’re a sucker for angst, crave a nice villain arc, or are a simple Marvel fan – you’ve definitely heard of the mischievous Asgardian god Loki. From comics to numerous films, Loki’s relationship with his brother, Thor, has been portrayed many times. Avid fans continuously wonder about their tumultuous relationship: Why does Loki hate Thor?

Loki hates Thor because he was constantly in the shadow of his brother, and also because he wasn’t the heir to the throne that he coveted so much.

There are also several other reasons why Loki hated Thor, so read on to learn more.

It Wasn’t Always Like This

Contrary to what many believe, Loki didn’t always hate Thor. In their childhood, the two were quite close and even good friends!

Left in the Shadows

With all the power and greatness that comes with Thor, it wouldn’t be a surprise for someone to feel inferior. Personal insecurities and jealousy left Loki wanting a spotlight that always seemed to escape his grasp. 

When Thor asked their mother why she shared her magic with her younger son, Frigga responded with the following:

“You and your father cast large shadows. I had hoped by sharing my gift with Loki, that he could find some sun for himself.”

A touching but painful sentiment, isn’t it?

Alienated In Asgard

When everything you’ve known your whole life suddenly turns out to be a lie – you certainly wouldn’t take it lightly, would you? When Loki learned that his true heritage was not Asgardian, he was right to feel betrayed. His royalty and right to the throne were never truly his. 

From being the heir of Asgard to the favored son of Odin, Thor is all that Loki wants but cannot have – and this knowledge was just another thorn in his budding resentment towards his brother.

A Father’s Love

Beneath all his sinister schemes and trickery, Loki is just someone who wants to be loved and appreciated by his father. In fact, he even attempts genocide in hopes of winning him over! Sounds a bit extreme, right? But, it’s as they say, (the want for) love makes you do crazy things.

Curious to know how Thor stopped Loki from committing genocide? Well, then watch the video of the epic battle between the two siblings below! 

Ascension – The Fuel to His Hatred

It’s no secret that Loki wanted the power and the worthiness that came with ascending to the throne. The obstacle? Thor. Loki knew that falling deeper into the hatred he held for his brother would only help him achieve his desired goal. This mindset made it easy for him to fight his brother – especially if it meant that, in the end, he could acquire the throne.


Loki is not just a surface-level villain but a nuanced character whose longing for worth and his father’s love leads him down a destructive path laced with hatred and vengeance. Want to watch this antagonist in action? Then grab some snacks and begin your Thor movie marathon!

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