Why Does Starbucks Coffee Taste Burnt?

If you are a fan of coffee, chances are that you have tried Starbucks. Whether you like their taste or not, you might have noticed that Starbucks coffee often tastes burnt. Why is that the case? The answer might surprise you!

Starbucks coffee tastes burnt because the coffee beans are dark roasted. This is done to ensure that the taste is consistent across all their franchises and also to hasten the brewing process so that no customer leaves without a coffee in their hand. 

However, that’s not the only reason why you might feel that the taste of Starbucks’ coffee is burnt or different. If you are curious to know more reasons why Starbucks roast their beans at a higher temperature, check out the next section below!

Starbucks Brews Their Coffee Differently

Since Starbucks is a massive chain, they are brewing their coffee differently from their competitors in order to differentiate themselves. If you are curious about the brewing process, worry not because we’ve got you covered. 

Starbucks uses more coffee in proportion to water in their brew which can cause customers to feel that the taste is bitter. Plus, most coffee shops use more water than coffee to sweeten the taste. This intense flavor can be difficult to consume if you are not used to it or are used to less concentrated coffee. 

Why Are Starbucks’ Beans Dark Roasted?

Now that we’ve seen all the major reasons why you might feel that the taste of Starbucks coffee is burnt, let’s check out why they dark roast their beans. As aforementioned, Starbucks is a massive chain but they have been dark roasting their beans since the early days of the franchise. 

Not only is this done to differentiate themselves from the competition, but this also speeds up the brewing process. For a brand like Starbucks, speed is extremely important since customers are always coming in and out of the door. To ensure that no customer has to wait for long, the beans are dark roasted. 

Plus, it makes it easier to replicate the taste across all their franchises. If you’ve been drinking coffee from Starbucks for a long time, you won’t feel that their taste is burnt at all.

Also, dark roasted beans taste better when you mix them with milk, sugar, and cream. The intense flavor is what most people prefer so Starbucks continues to dark roast their beans. 

Find out how you can brew coffee in a coffee press by watching this video: 


That’s everything you need to know about why Starbucks coffee tastes burnt. The main reason is that they roast their beans at a higher temperature, ensuring that the brewing process is faster and the taste is consistent across all franchises. Plus, long-term Starbucks customers have grown accustomed to their taste and they prefer it over other coffee brands. 

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