How Many Jokers Are In A Deck Of Cards?

For many people, the Joker card in the deck seems to be the most useless. In most conventional card games, it is kept aside as it does not have any significant usage. However, this card still exists and comes with almost every standard card deck. Jokers are not only used in playing cards but other games as well. For example, it is an essential card in a game called Tarot. It is also heavily associated with a game of recent times, Poker.

But how many Jokers are there in a card deck? Jumping straight to the answer, there are 2 Jokers in a standard deck of cards. The use of these two cards varies greatly. Some games entirely omit the use of Jokers; therefore, it is used as a replacement of a lost or damaged card by marking the lost card’s rank on the Joker card. 

What Does The Joker Mean In The Deck Of Cards?

The Joker is a really mysterious card, with its symbol used widely in many games. Many card decks do not even include Joker cards, and it does not matter at all, even if you lose or misplace these cards. But, what does the Joker card actually mean? In the 1860s, there was a popular card game called Euchre, in which the Joker was an essential part of the game. The role of that card was to trump all others. However, the Joker card was first known as the Imperial Bower card, later modified into the Joker: the card we know today. 

Why There Are Two Jokers In A Card Deck?

When new rules were added to the American version of Euchre, one more Imperial Bower (Joker) card was added to manage the role of the second trump card. This card holds the highest rank among all in the deck. However, the jokers were differentiated into Big joker and Little joker in some decks, respectively. 

Is Joker Ever Used In A Card Game?

Yes, the two jokers with a 52-card deck can be included in some games. The role of the joker card varies greatly, as it is a cross-functional card and can be played in games like:

  • Euchre
  • Poker
  • Chase the joker
  • Go fish
  • Canasta
  • Indian Rummy
  • War
  • Crazy eights

What Is The Most Popular Game That Includes A Joker Card?

The most popular game that includes the Joker, is Poker, as it is the most commercially played game in modern times. The joker plays a vital role in this game, as it is used as a wild card. This means that the Joker can act as another card in peculiar times. However, not all poker games include the joker as their parts, for example, Texas Hold’em.


As mentioned above, Jokers are used in many popular card games, with different roles in each game. In most games, the Joker serves as a trump card. However, its use still depends on the rules of the game you are playing. 

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