Does Oil Get Hotter Than Water?

Has the question “does oil get hotter than water?” ever cross your mind? Whether it has or you are just curious to know about it, you’re in luck because we’ve gone ahead and answered this burning question just for you! 

Yes, oil does get hotter than water due to a number of reasons. The main reason is that oil has a lower heat capacity and it also is less dense than water. 

That’s not all, however. There are more reasons why oil can get hotter than water. If you want to find them out, let’s take a look at the next section below and find out why water does not heat up as oil does.

Oil Has Lower Heat Capacity

Oil has significantly lower heat capacity than water. This means that it takes less time to heat up and increase the temperature of oil than it is of the water. That is one of the main reasons why oil – almost instantly – gets hotter when you start to heat it up.

On the other hand, water requires more energy to heat up. That is why it not only heats up slower but also does not get as hot as oil – apart from a few instances. Plus, this is also why oil can cool off quicker than water. Since there is less energy required in oil, it will cool quicker if you let it sit for a while. 

Oil is Less Dense

As most people are aware, oil is less dense than water. Cooking oil is about 75% of that for water. Since the density is lower, the oil will heat up much faster and have a higher temperature than water. This is because less energy is required to heat it up. 

Whereas you will need more energy to heat up the same amount of water but it will take longer and will not have the same temperature considering you heated it for the same time as the oil. 

Since oil is less dense than water, it will stay near the surface if you mix the two together. Here is a video that beautifully explains it:

Water Evaporates Faster Than Oil

If you heat water enough, you will cause it to exceed its vapor pressure and eventually evaporate. This means that warmer water molecules eventually go away due to evaporation. However, this is not the case with oil at all. The boiling point of the oil is higher than that of water due to the intermolecular attraction. This means that the water will start to evaporate while the oil is simply heating up. 

That is why if you compare them both, oil gets hotter than water and also heats up much faster. 

Parting Words

There you have it, that is the answer to “does oil get hotter than water?” Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. If you learned something new, make sure to share this knowledge with your friends and family as well to impress them! 

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