Home Structures Do You Leave Your Tent Set-Up While Camping? 

Do You Leave Your Tent Set-Up While Camping? 

Do You Leave Your Tent Set-Up While Camping? 

Camping, while it may appear to be fun, can be a lot of hassle as well. Driving to the campsite with a lot of expensive gear and food, setting up the tent, leaving the tent to go hike, and fighting the question of leaving the tent set up or not.  

There are a lot of varying opinions by campers, regarding leaving the tent set up or not while leaving for a hike. Campers usually move towards their favorite camping sites, settle there for a couple of days, and go on hikes during their camping time.

It is, however, not advisable to leave your tent set up if you leave the campsite. Even if there is a code amongst campers that suggests that nobody would invade anybody else’s space, it is better to be safe than sorry. If someone has important and expensive gear, they should not leave it in their tent unattended.

Additionally, one should not leave their food items in their tent unattended because it may attract wildlife. If one has to leave the campsite during their camping tenure, it is suggested that one leaves their equipment and food inside their cars, hidden from a passer-by’s eye. 

Usually, the campers do have a code that suggests that they will respect other campers’ space. 

Camping Community 

The people who go camping are usually lovers of the great outdoors. Since, the camping area is so far off from the “civilizations”, if someone encounters any people during their camping time, it is usually because they are intrigued by each other and want to share their stories and food with each other.

However, one cannot always assume the best in people when it comes to their own safety and security. There are all kinds of people in every community, even the friendliest of them. Hence, it is important that one takes care of their things on their own.  

One should always do research before they leave for a campsite. There are communities online that share their experiences. If an area is prone to break-ins, one should either avoid going to that area. If they choose to go to such an area, they should be careful about leaving their belongings unattended. 

Non-human hazards 

Usually, when people leave their camps set up while going for a hike, they leave their gear and food nearby. The unattended food may attract wildlife, which means that there is a likelihood that the campsite is invaded by the said wildlife. In such situations, the gear may also be compromised, alongside the food.

Hence, it is important that one is mindful about how they’re leaving their gear and food.  

Watch this video to avoid making certain mistakes while camping:

Camping may prove to be some of the very important core memories a person can make and it is also a good exercise to leave one’s 9-5 routine every now and then. However, if necessary steps are not taken, a recreational activity may turn into sour memories. Hence, one should always be mindful of their actions and make sure the conditions they put themselves in have the least consequences.