Do Motorcycles Have Cruise Control?

Cruise control is a feature on many vehicles that allows drivers to relax or focus on other equally important aspects of driving. It does this by maintaining a constant speed. This might lead some to wonder whether motorcycles have cruise control.

Cruise control was not a common feature on motorcycles before 2016. However, many modern, high-end motorcycles have this feature, and drivers take great advantage of it. This feature is expected to be added to standard models of motorcycles in the near future.

Keep reading below as we talk more about cruise control and its addition to motorcycles.

Do Motorcycles Have Cruise Control?

You can’t beat the feeling of independence you get from a long ride, whether you ride a Harley, a Ducati, or a Burgman. Although a bike tour can be therapeutic for the mind and spirit, it can also be physically demanding. 

A motorcyclist’s hand may start to hurt after holding the throttle open for a hundred kilometers. This isn’t just an inconvenience; if your bike is missing cruise control, you could endanger yourself and others.

Fortunately, cruise control has been standard on motorcycles since 2021 (even though reports of the feature went out as early as 2018). 

At present, this feature is only available on high-end production models, but it will soon be standard on motorcycles priced in the middle of the market. For instance, cruise control is not likely to be a standard function on an older motorcycle.

Older motorcycles may have similar features, such as a throttle lock. These devices will keep the throttle locked in place so that a steady speed may be maintained. 

However, when utilizing such a tool, one must always proceed with caution and keep one’s senses sharp for the presence of any obstacles.

How Does Cruise Control Work on Motorcycles?

Throttle locks were a temporary solution before cruise control became popular. These mechanical devices, mounted on the handlebar, allow the driver to fix the throttle’s setting permanently. 

Although they aren’t “cruise control” because they don’t regulate the vehicle’s speed or the road, the system gives you a short break from the controls.

True cruise control eliminates the need to adjust the throttle to maintain a constant speed constantly. After selecting a desired speed, you may relax and take in the scenery as your bike keeps moving at that pace. 

The ECC system includes a computer and control unit that communicate with the motorcycle’s speedometer, fuel injection, and throttle. 

The Electronic Cruise Control (ECC) compares the input speed with the actual speed of the vehicle’s speedometer and adjusts the fuel delivery accordingly to keep the vehicle traveling at the desired velocity.

While similar to ECC in its functionality, adaptive cruise control (ACC) additionally includes radar sensors for identifying vehicles in its path. When you’re driving on the freeway and another car comes up behind you, the radar can calculate how far away it is and keep you at the same distance. 

The radar detects the velocity change of the car in front of it and adjusts the following distance accordingly.

Advantages of Cruise Control on Motorcycles

There are several advantages to the addition of cruise control to motorcycles. We’ve discussed a few of them below.

Higher Fuel Efficiency

Cruise control, like the one in your car, can improve gas mileage, and the same holds true for motorcycles. Many bikers choose to install cruise control just to save on gas mileage.

Prevents Hand/Wrist Cramps

One of the most common and compelling arguments in favor of installing cruise control on a motorcycle is the alleviation of discomfort experienced in the hands and wrists. 

This is particularly relevant for senior motorists, who may discover that continuously turning the throttle to alter their pace may bring about more difficulty than it did when they were younger in age.

Lowers Chances of a Speeding Ticket

The fundamental function of cruise control is to maintain a constant speed, eliminating the need to repeatedly make speed adjustments. 

The risk of getting a speeding ticket is reduced when using cruise control, which is especially useful on the highway or other lengthy sections of road you may be traveling on frequently.

Improves Concentration

Driving requires a significant degree of focus, and it is essential to be confident that you are able to maintain that focus on the aspects of driving that require it when you are really operating a motor vehicle. 

If your vehicle is equipped with cruise control, there will be one less factor for you to keep an eye on while you travel down the road. You’ll be able to pay closer attention to the road, other vehicles, and your own driving technique.

Ease & Comfort

Choosing cruise control or installing heated seats are two easy ways to make your riding experience more enjoyable and relaxing. 

When people are relaxed, they tend to drive less recklessly and cautiously, which reduces the likelihood of an accident. 

You won’t need to worry about remembering to set precise speeds if you have cruise control, and your body will be able to relax and take it easier as you travel down the road thanks to the increased comfort it provides.

Reduces Engine Wear

Because of how often you use it, the engine in your motorcycle will eventually wear out, just like any other mechanical item. 

When you utilize cruise control, the amount of acceleration that your engine will need to go through while you are driving down the road is reduced, which is another advantage of this driving mode. 

This means less time and money spent maintaining the motorcycle’s engine over its lifetime.

Reduces Driver’s Fatigue

A tight grip on the throttle can cause hand cramps, and riding for hours on end without stopping to stretch or change positions might make you feel exhausted

With cruise control engaged, you can ease up on the muscular tension a little bit, requiring less effort and lessening tiredness so that you can keep a firm grip on the wheel.


Cruise control is a feature that should be included in all modern vehicles. It has a variety of advantages, both for the person driving the vehicle and the other people who share the road with him. 

Thankfully, many motorcycles today have cruise control.

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