Do Ethernet Switches Reduce Internet Speed?

With this era of technology, having a fast internet connection is highly important. Trust us, there’s nothing fun in waiting hours for a page to load or a lagging video conference. If you’re looking at various devices to speed up your internet, you may wonder: Do ethernet switches reduce internet speed?

Ethernet switches do not slow down your internet. Instead, they provide more stability and allow connected devices to access the internet faster. 

Read on to find out more about these switches and how you can lead a fast internet life!

What Is An Ethernet Switch?

You might be scratching your head wondering what this device is – well, worry not because we have the answer. An ethernet switch, also known as a network switch, connects wired devices like computers, laptops, and servers to a local area network. 

With multiple users able to access it simultaneously, this device can be a great add-on to your workplace!

Does It Replace My Router?

Certainly not! Routers perform those network management tasks that, unfortunately, no ethernet switch can. However, most routers nowadays have built-in network switches – so it’s a win-win situation!

Managed vs. Unmanaged Switches

Though costlier, managed switches allow you better control over your networks. When deciding which one to buy, you have to look at your needs. If you’re a large business with hundreds of devices, then a managed switch is the way to go!

Activities and Bandwidth

Your bandwidth and the internet activities you partake in largely determine your internet speed. For faster internet, ensure that you’re not consuming more bandwidth than your connection can handle. After all, you can’t expect to stream your favorite movie while having a teeny, tiny bandwidth!

The Control Is In Your Hands 

Just because an ethernet connection allows multiple users doesn’t mean that your internet speed has to slow down. You have total control over which user receives the highest speed – and that could be yourself, too. But don’t let this power get to your head – you might end up jinxing it!

Switch Your Cables!

For an optimized internet speed, you want to ensure that you have the best of the best hardware. The newer your cables are, the faster your internet speed will be. Think of it this way: if a child were competing in a race with an old grandpa, who would win? Definitely the youngling! So, switch your old cables, folks.

Beware of Ethernet Hubs!

Why? Well, they can cause various network issues and can’t manage data traffic as well as switches can. So, if you have this particular device, we’d recommend you swap it out with a network switch ASAP!

Already have an ethernet switch and wondering how to use it? Well, watch the video below to get some insight and tips!


When wanting to speed up your life on the internet, make sure you get a device that is up-to-date and meets your requirements! Who knows, an ethernet switch could be just the device you’re looking for.

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