Can FedEx Deliver To A PO Box?

FedEx can deliver packages to both residential and commercial addresses, as you are undoubtedly already aware if you have ever used them to mail packages. Having a box delivered to your doorstep is not always an option that many want to contemplate. So, can FedEx deliver to a PO box as an alternate solution?

Except for shipments to Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam, FedEx cannot deliver to a PO box address. It is because the United States Postal Service (USPS) only permits deliveries to PO boxes under its rules. If at all possible you can only use a physical address or a private mailbox as a backup delivery address.

This article will address this frequently asked concern of whether FedEx can deliver to the PO box in more detail, which has caused some misunderstanding among readers.

PO Boxes: Alternate Solution To Receiving Packages

PO boxes are a preferable substitute for receiving parcels and mail for many people. It helps in having all goods delivered safely in one location and safeguards the package from theft and weather conditions that could damage it. 

As we have previously covered, there are many instances where a package delivery causes uncertainty for the homeowner as they try to figure out where the FedEx delivery driver has left their product.

FedEx typically does not deliver to PO boxes for addresses situated in the US. In fact, if you attempt to use a PO box as the recipient of your item, a warning pop-up likely notifies you that you cannot use that address.

This is because FedEx is not permitted by law to physically enter a post office, open your box, and insert your package inside of it.

Possibility Of FedEx Delivering Packages To PO Boxes In Certain Cases?

FedEx normally is not permitted to deliver packages to a PO box, as already mentioned above. However, there are a few unusual instances, such as when larger post offices are considered to be competitive offices.

If the PO box number is not utilized in such circumstances, postal packages may still be delivered to post office boxes at no expense to the post office. In such a situation, the street address is utilized instead of the PO reference, and the number is used instead. 

Trick To Deliver To PO Box Through FedEx

FedEx is technically prohibited from delivering to the post office. FedEx Smart Post, on the other hand, uses the USPS system for the final leg of delivery to deliver to domestic PO boxes. Puerto Rico is one of the foreign areas where FedEx Express may also deliver to a PO box. 

However, in situations like those, you must give a working phone, fax, or telex number. 

If you attempt to send a package using FedEx Smart Post, be careful to include the post office’s street address as well as the number for your box without mentioning that it is a PO box for the PO box. For instance, instead of “PO Box 123”, write “#123” or “unit 123.”

Watch this video to learn how to send a package with FedEx:

How to ship a package with FedEx

Possibility Of Using FedEx Ground Or FedEx Home For Shipping To PO Boxes

All PO box locations are accessible for shipping if you are using FedEx Ground or FedEx Home. The final portion of the delivery will really be handled by FedEx using FedEx Smart Post. FedEx will then only leave the parcels at the post office for the postal workers to pick up and add to your box.

Additional Information: FedEx SmartPost And PO Box Deliveries

FedEx SmartPost provides a customized solution based on the typical daily shipment volume. Your packages will be picked up, hauled in a straight line, and delivered to a USPS facility for final delivery by a postal carrier.

Depending on how far your destination is, SmartPost deliveries typically take two to seven business days to arrive. Outside of the 48 contiguous states, a lengthier delivery period is to be anticipated.

Any day of the week between Monday and Saturday is when you can anticipate receiving your package.

All US locations are included in the FedEx SmartPost service area. Alaska and Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, all other US territories, and PO boxes are all included in this. Additionally, you can anticipate FedEx shipments to the military.

FedEx will only ship packages that weigh no more than 70 lbs. and measure no more than 130” in length plus girth.

You cannot use FedEx SmartPost if you want to do the following:

  • Collection upon delivery
  • A money-back guarantee
  • Declared value
  • Delivery proof with signature
  • Evening delivery or by appointment
  • Service for hazardous materials 

Receiving FedEx Parcels At A Virtual Address

Toge their mail and shipments, more and more people are now using virtual addresses. Real street addresses are used for virtual addresses because they are where all mail is collected, scanned, and uploaded to your virtual mailbox account.

Any package or mail item that is addressed to you will have its outside scanned. Any computer or phone with internet connectivity can access the photograph that was uploaded to your account. US Global Mail can open and scan an envelope for you if you need it done.

Anything you need to be shipped to you can be done for up to 80% less than retail shipping costs. Because US Global Mail ships so much, they can negotiate excellent rates with FedEx.


Except for shipments to Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Gaum, FedEx rarely delivers to a PO box. Only delivery to PO boxes is permitted by the USPS as per its regulations. In addition to providing security and privacy, PO boxes can be a practical substitute for home delivery.

However, using PO boxes has drawbacks, including size constraints, a lack of services, and high expenses. Alternative options that people can consider include having a virtual address or renting a UPS box. Delivery to domestic PO boxes can also be done via FedEx SmartPost.

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