Are Crossbows Considered Archery? 

Investing in a crossbow and then spending time and energy to learn how to use it effectively can be a demanding job. If you have learned to master the art of using a crossbow, you have to give yourself some credit. But it feels awfully discrediting when someone tells us that crossbows are not real archery. 

The truth is crossbows are generally considered a form of archery, even though some people choose to exclude them from the definition. But despite the controversy, crossbows fall under the archery category simply because a bow is used in the process. Any sport that uses a bow is classified as archery, even if it’s different from the general and traditional method of archery. 

Crossbows also have the exact mechanism and technologies as that of conventional bows, so there is no real reason to exclude them from the category. 

If you want to learn more about this form of archery, keep reading ahead. 

What Is The Difference Between A Crossbow And A Traditional Bow?

A crossbow is typically mounted on an elongated frame called the stock. It has a rifle that is pressed to release the bow. There is a built-in mechanism to hold the bow, draw it and release it. A traditional bow requires the arrow to be strung on the bow and then drawn before release; the entire process is entirely manual.

This video gives a detailed comparison on the two bows and their differences in terms of use

Why Do Some People Argue That Crossbows Aren’t Real Archery?

The reason for the debate is simple; some people believe that crossbows are too simple to use and don’t train you for the kind of stance, aim, and precision required to be qualified as an archer. They also argue that crossbows are too mechanical and archery isn’t supposed to be.

Why Are Crossbows Included In The Category Of Archery?

Despite the controversy, most people do consider using crossbows as archery. The two main reasons for this are;

Crossbows Make Use Of Bows

A bow is a tool that consists of a flexible piece of wood with a string in between, which is used to fire arrows. By definition, a crossbow serves that purpose. Anything that uses a bow to shoot arrows is archery, so why should crossbows be excluded?

They Serve The Purpose Of Archery

Archery includes shooting arrows at a target. It doesn’t matter what method is used; as long as these ends are met, the practice is included as part of archery. Since a crossbow can also be used for this purpose, there is no reason to disqualify it as archery. 

The Conclusion

Moreover, people always have disagreements, but the nature, structure, and purpose of a crossbow are not very different from a traditional archer’s bow. So the general consensus is that you are an archer if you know how to use a crossbow. It should not matter if this form of archery is simpler than the others.

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